The One with Vicenza, Italy

Thursday, January 2, 2014

After our morning in Venice we went back to the hotel for a little R&R. When the kids woke up the sun was still shining, but quickly setting, so we headed out to the city we were staying in: Vicenza! Someone was a little excited :) #blurryisbetter
 We found a parking spot by a quaint little river and bridge (seriously, everything is so storybook beautiful!).
 Someone's house? A museum? A store? Whatever it is, I want to live there :)
 Textural trees. 
 To many architects Vicenza is a pilgrimage site. Entire streets looks like the back of a nickel. This is the city of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) the 16th-century Renaissance architect who gave us the Palladian style that is so influential in countless British country homes. 
 We walked straight to the Piazza Signori.
 It's enclosed with awesome buildings and the Basilica Palladiana. 

Vicenza's main square has been the center of town since it was the sight of the ancient Roman forum. The commanding Basilica Palladiana, with its 270-foot-tall, 13th-century tower, dominates the square. It was a meeting place for local big shots. It was young Palladio's proposal - to redo Vicenza's dilapidated Gothic palace of justice in the Neo-Greek style - that established him as the city's favorite architect. 
 The most notable feature of the Basilica Palladiana is the loggia which shows one of the first examples of the what came to be known as the Palladian window, designed, of course, Andrea Palladio.
We walked in, around, up, down, and through the Basilica Palladiana.
The clock tower of the Basilica Palladiana.
Statue of Andrea Palladio / Gelato-colored buildings
Then we walked a few streets to the Duomo.
It was closed, but we still admired the outside.
Front of the Duomo.
Side of the Duomo.
There was a street market taking place so we meandered through and let the kids run around for a bit.

Then we headed back north-ish to go to the Olympic Theater. 

Entrance and inner courtyard of the Olympic Theater.
Palladio's last work, one of his greatest, couldn't be missed. This indoor theater is a wood-and-stucco festival of classical columns, statues, and an oh-wow stage bursting with perspective tricks.
It looks like it goes really far back, but it's just an illusion! Reminds me of the New York scene thing at Disneyland's California Adventure.
A pretty scene on our walk back to the car.
Vicenza is surrounded by dreamy Venetian villas. We wanted to see a couple, but as I was walking in the gates to take pictures they wanted 5 which I didn't have so I quickly snapped this and turned around.
The next night we met up fellow friend, scrapbooker, and Army wife, Stephanie Howell. Her family is currently stationed in Vicenza and I'm so glad it worked out that we could have dinner together in her town! I was super excited to finally meet her family. Cate (or Lucy? Please don't hate me if I'm wrong!) crushing on Fox in the Christmas trees :)
Oh my goodness my burger and fries were off-the-hook delicious! So much flavor!
Fox isn't sure what to think about being surrounded by so many cute girls all at once!
That's better :)
After many years of seeing pictures of her family, it was such a treat to meet them all in real life.
Thanks for an amazing dinner and night out on the town Stephanie!!
Vicenza is an amazing city swarming with fun shops, picturesque details, and, of course, Italians!


  1. Italy really is an art history buff's dream!

  2. How fun!! Two of my favorite families! Aw man, I would have LOVED to be there with you guys! Jealous. Of both of you. ;)


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