The One with Family Photos Through the Years

Sunday, November 2, 2014

One of my favorite things to do is look at pictures from many years ago and compare them to now. For the past six years we've gotten our family pictures taken at Christmas-time for Christmas cards.

2009 by Kate Hawkley - we walked around our South Pasadena neighborhood (oh how I miss it so!) with our then-puppy Joey. He was our child then haha. But we were trying! TMI? Sorry.

2010 by Amelia Lyon - I had been a fan of Amelia's for years and when we found out we were moving to Los Angeles AND having a baby I booked her immediately for our first official pictures as a family of three. 

2011 by Megan Papworth - this year we went up and around the Pasadena City Hall. I was about six weeks pregnant with Jane here and wanted oh-so-badly to tell the entire world but waited just a couple more weeks.

2012 by Jill Facer - our first Christmas pics as a family of four! To commemorate living in SoCal we took pictures at the beach, Newport Beach specifically, even though Chris dislikes the beach to his core, haha.

2013 by Mary Anne Miner - I saw Mary Anne's photos of families before the husbands/dads deployed and fell in love with her style. Yes, I know Fox looks like he's about to murder someone and Jane isn't even looking at the camera, but it pretty much sums up our life then, and even still! Kids kids kids.

2014 by Summer Lavine Photography - she's a friend of a friend, and now my friend! She moved here to Germany over the "summer" hehe and takes LOVELY photos. We did our photoshoot in the center of the city of Grafenwöhr, our beloved hometown. 3/4 looking at the camera ain't bad :)
I love my little family and watching them grow! I'll share the rest of our pics from our photoshoot tomorrow! Until then, Auf Wiedersehen! 


  1. Love love love looking back at all your photos!! This years is ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Fun to see them all in one place

  3. I LOVE these!! It's so cute to see how your family has changed. Fox still has that little pout-face that he had as a newborn back in the first photo. I've seen it!!! So sweet

  4. So fun to see these photos, Paige!! Joey was the cutest puppy!!!

  5. Fox is getting better and better at looking into the camera and understanding what portraiture is all about. Yay for Fox. Jane can do anything she wants and she'd still be perfect. They're both ADORABLE!

  6. It's so cool that you do this each year. You have such a beautiful family. Lovely photos to capture them.


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