The One with the Holiday Memory for Patience Brewster

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hallo! Today I was inspired by Patience Brewster, an artist and illustrator of books, greeting cards, and a designer of Christmas ornaments and gifts, to share my favorite holiday memory. I love a good story and sharing them and scrapbooking them :)

This is a picture from Christmas season 2012. 
Chris, Fox, Jane, and I flew from Los Angeles to be with my family in Seattle. My parents own a little cabin in the woods close to Leavenworth. I've always loved Leavenworth - it's built to look just like a Bavarian village. And-what-do-you-know, we now live IN BAVARIA! I just know that when we leave Germany and we visit Leavenworth, my heart is going to ache to be back in Germany. Anyway, if you know anything about Germany, you'll know their Christmas markets are wunderbar. So in an effort to be as Bavarian as possible, Leavenworth imitates the holiday season and Christmas spirit to the nines. And it is glorious. The twinkling lights. The soft and soothing sounds of holiday music. The fresh and powdery white snow. Oh my! We spent an afternoon in Leavenworth and soaked in the merriment. I will forever remember that Christmas season at home. Complete with watching an episode of X-Files on Christmas Eve :)

PS - This is my 1999th blog post. Do you know what that means? Tomorrow is EPIC GIVEAWAY DAY!!!


  1. What a fabulous winter wonderland photo! thank you for sharing so much of your travels and time in Germany (not to mention your gorgeous layouts).

  2. Gorgeous photo! And a great Christmas memory, Paige!!

  3. What kind of crazy family watches X-Files on Christmas Eve? OURS!! And I am a proud malm, indeed! Cute post, Paige. Remember waiting for dad at the insurance place in Leavenworth? That was not fun.


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