The One with Taking the Car to Hohenfels

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remember when we got in a car wreck on our Croatian Vacation back in May? We're still dealing with car repairs, over 6 months later. Sigh. Since it's an American specs car the German repair shop doesn't have the right tools to reset the computer and what not. I don't speak car :)
So we've been in touch with USAA and they told us to take our car to a shop by the Army base in Hohenfels - an hour away. Off we went! It was a super beautiful morning. And then we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us! The weather here is so strange sometimes.
 And then it was a beautiful day again :)
 While Chris was trying to find the right people to talk to at the shop I wandered around with the kids and soaked in the beautiful Bavarian air.
 Everywhere looks straight out of a painting.
 These two hammed it up for the camera. Gosh I love them. Most of the time ;)
 Typical Bavarian "gasthaus" or "inn".
 In the US you can't drive 10 miles without finding a McDonald's or whole slew of fast food chains. Here it's just little village after little village. No McDonald's or Taco Bells in sight. 
 Fall is in full swing.
 We drove right through Amberg and recalled our day trip there. 
 Another picturesque town. Just another day in the life!
As for the car - they have to order more parts and it'll be a while longer. I'll be so glad when we finally have a perfectly working car again!


  1. I knew you'd find the beauty while waiting for car news!! :) Gorgeous pics and the kids are ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Yeah, definitely not this scenic around our car repair shops!! HA!

  3. You always find "sunshine" when things don't always go according to plan. Beautiful photos.

  4. Such pretty scenery. Man, I hope your car gets fixed asap. What a pain!


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