The One with Our 8th Anniversary

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy 8th anniversary to the love of my life! 
One thing I'm not good at: expressing my feelings in writing. I read people's lovely posts about anniversaries and things that are going on in their lives and I'm like, "HOW DO THEY WRITE SO ELOQUENTLY? And say all the things I'm thinking but don't know how to say myself?" I'm more of a visual person (hence all the scrapbooking and artsy fartsy things!) and my "love language" is acts of service. Chris definitely holds up his end of our relationship and then some - he cooks dinner almost every night and watches the kids the instant he gets home so I can continue fulfilling temporal dreams. I'm for sure the "reacher." :)
 All of the traveling we've been doing lately brings out the worst in us, but the moment we arrive back home and get wrapped in each other's arms, I know all is right with the world.
 These smiles? He still makes me grin this big, this genuine. 
 Love you Chris! 8 years down, eternity to go!


  1. That was a fun day. I'm glad the weather people were wrong when they predicted "thunderstorms" and you had a picture perfect wedding day. 8 years ago? Seems like yesterday. Congratulations!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! What a lovely post! And you are a lovely couple!

  3. Man, back at ya! I can't even put into words how much I love you and how happy you make me. Best 8 years ever!

  4. Wow! Happy Anniversary! (yeah, I'm late on telling you. :))


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