Monday, May 18, 2015

My second class at Craftsy called SILHOUETTE SAVVY just launched!!

Is your Silhouette still sitting in the box? Or are you looking for some new techniques and ways to use your beloved Cameo? Join me in SILHOUETTE SAVVY and learn virtually everything there is to know about your Silhouette!

From beginning functions to sophisticated techniques, I'll be there every step of the way showing you exactly how to create amazing layouts in 7 HD lessons, over 20 minutes each!

If you want to check out a minute and a half promo video, click on this link:

The Silhouette Cameo is my most favorite scrapbooking tool in the whole wide world! I use it on SO MANY of my layouts to create eye-catching designs, backgrounds, titles, shapes, and more. Which is why I'm over-the-moon-elated to share the HOW and WHY behind my ideas!

A little behind-the-scenes shot of filming SILHOUETTE SAVVY - I'm deep in discussion with my Producer, Amana.

 Craftsy videos and lessons are unique from anything I've done before because the camera is on the whole me, not just my hands! And when I'm creating the layout, there are two cameras filming from different angles so you get to see more than normal. It's quite awesome.

SILHOUETTE SAVVY includes a lesson showing how to make my most favorite layout ever using the Silhouette Sketch Pens. Here's the sneak I've shared before:

There are seven cut files I designed that come with the class, including these three backgrounds:

Hope you'll join me in SILHOUETTE SAVVY and make the ultimate cutting machine your favorite tool! The class is $29.99. Email me for a $5 off code :)


  1. Congratulations Paige! I just got a cameo for my 40th birthday 2 weeks ago so this class is a must for me! It looks amazing!!!!

  2. This is the perfect class for you to teach!

  3. Awesome. Quick question. Would the class be ideal with a Sil Portrait? I just got one but I'm so beginner and would love to take this class if its relevant.

  4. Paige can you use Portrait machine or do you have a class to make your own designs for it?

  5. Paige can you use Portrait machine or do you have a class to make your own designs for it?

  6. Is this class still available on Craftsy? Alexis Middleton recommended it on her Silhouette Savvy Vinyl class and I'd really like to see it, but that link is bringing up an 'oops page not found' message on Craftsy and I can't find it when I search for it. Many thanks, Kate x

    1. Nope it's not available anymore, there were too many negative reviews... people seemed to think it was geared towards quilters but it was for scrapbooking. Anyway, sorry about that!!


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