The One with the Bookbinding Workshop in Niederaichbach, Germany

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yesterday I drove an hour and forty-five minutes to Niederaichbach to teach the first of two bookbinding workshops! It was a fun change of pace from scrapbooking - but I do love both with all my heart (and my husband, and children, and life itself :) I scheduled the class from 9am-5pm. We got right to work at 9am sharp!
Susanne sewing up her book.
Loving the Dan Brown book used as a weight.
A lot of (if not all) of the attendees meet together for calligraphy classes in this space and this lady used some of her sample papers for the pages of her book - so beautiful!
Working diligently on their masterpieces!
The hardest part by far is sewing the cover on at the very beginning - so many steps and flips and loops! Luckily we got through it without toooo much frustration, although it was funny to hear the occasional exasperated "Scheiße" blurted out. There are a whole bunch of things to remember when sewing and mistakes happen frequently! But practice makes perfect :)
Some women painted their wood covers.
Others sewed things into the spine like I love to do!
Some women were so ambitious and ready to try out their new skills they got straight to work on a second book!
Susanne's lovely book with one pink cover, one orange cover, a gorgeous mix of papers, and pearls. Swoon!
I'm so proud of their hard work and the beautiful results!
All seven ladies went home with a handmade book they created from scratch. So satisfying - for them and for me!!
And it only took 5 hours instead of 8 so I got to be home with my family for the rest of the day! Win-win :) I will be back to teach this same class again in just two weeks if enough people sign up so if you're interested, just leave a comment or send me an email! (paigetaylorevans at gmail dot com)


  1. Ohhhhhh how fun!! That's a class of yours that I would jump right into!!! :) I just posted photos of my "new to me" scrap room on my blog -- and I have the book I won from you proudly displayed!! Your books are amazing!!!!

  2. Would love to take such a book binding workshop from 2 weeks is just the wrong time....hope there will be one fitting some time in future

  3. Love that coptic binding! I also liked flatback, but you really need that press...

  4. Oh, unluckily I haven't known this earlier, Niederaichbach is only 10 Minutes or even lese away from me.

  5. You're a great teacher! Those ladies were lucky to have you!

  6. yes, i would love to fly to Germany to take a class from you! Sigh....maybe when you move back stateside. Yes, those ladies were very lucky indeed.

  7. Oh please come teach this class someday in Sacramento, CA!!! Or maybe online???

  8. Oh please come teach this class someday in Sacramento, CA!!! Or maybe online???


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