The One with St. Goar, Germany

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

After cruising up the Rhine, we got off at the town of Sankt Goar to explore a bit before we got on the boat to return to Bacharach.
This is a classic Rhine tourist town.
It has a hulk of a castle that overlooks a half-timbered shopping street and leafy riverside park, busy with sightseeing ships and contended strollers.
The village is little more than a wide-spot in the road at the foot of Rheinfels hill. It has some hotels and restaurants and other such things.
I love the flowers that take over Germany in the spring. Everywhere you look windows and doors are decorated with pops of color.
What a cool little house! I wonder how long it has stood here.
I thought this building looked like something from the little mining town where my parents have a house in Wallace, Idaho.
A Birkenstock store! I'm really surprised I haven't seen more of these shops around in Germany considering it's a German company. Perhaps I just haven't been looking in the right spots.
The main drag through town.
We bring rain gear with us on every adventure and Jane loves walking along with an umbrella. Silly girl.
The main sight in St. Goar is Rheinfels Castle. It sits like a watchman over the town. Rumbling with ghosts from its hard fought past, the hollow but interesting shell offers the single best hands-on ruined-castle experience on the river.
Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to make our way up to the castle ruins before our return boat was scheduled to arrive so we were content to just explore and walk around the cute little town.
Our family in St. Goar, Germany on Friday May 22nd 2015.
Next stop: Luxembourg Cemetery & Memorial.


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