The One with Burg Eltz, Germany

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lurking intact in a mysterious forest for over 700 years is the majestic Burg Eltz. We knew this was one of the must see sights in Germany and it did not disappoint!
We plugged in the address to our GPS and found the parking area easy peasy. 
It is either a 15 minute downhill walk (sans stroller, which means a 15 minutes uphill walk back) or a 5 minute shuttle ride down to the castle and back. We elected a shuttle with our two little travelers.
The views of the castle as we approached were immaculate. Look how awesome this place is!
Tours are given in English very frequently so after buying our tickets we only had a few minutes' wait in the interior courtyard til the next English tour started.
Elz is the name of a stream that runs past the castle through a deep valley before empyting into the Mosel river. The first record of a castle on the Elz is from 1157. By about 1490 the castle looked like it does today with the homes of three big landlord families gathered around this interior courtyard. The tour takes you through parts of two of the homes which are decorated and furnished much as they were 500 years ago - SO FREAKIN' COOL. The third residence is still occupied by the same family, the Eltz family, who has owned the castle for 850 years!
Looking up in the courtyard. The castle design made a very formidable fortification.
Looking down to the Elz stream.
The castle was upscale for its day. 80 rooms were made comfortable with 40 fireplaces and wall-hanging tapestries. Many of the 20 toilets were automatically flushed by a rain drain. I LOVE all the painted walls and ceilings.
The bedroom on the top left was decorated with suggestive decor with fertile and phallic figures hiding in the greenery. The middle right is the kitchen and the bottom right is the grand hall where the families would meet together when necessary. No photos allowed inside (dagnabit!) so these are from the internet.
The spinning wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on :)
One of my favorite views of Burg Eltz along the trail back to the parking area. What a sight!
After our tour we went outside and got some delicious German grub at one of the two little cafes at the castle.
A cool dinning room in the castle for patrons of the nearby cafe.
Coolest rain spout I've ever seen.
The castle is all by its lonesome in this lovely valley surrounded by woodland. Ultimate perfection.
Looking up at the castle from the banks of the stream.
Jane being Jane.
Our family at Burg Eltz, Germany on Sunday May 24th 2015.
Before leaving I trudged up the road the shuttle takes so I could capture the view we saw as we rode in. Are you kidding me? Look at this place! I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows! (#elf)
Our original plan was to drive to the nearby town of Cochem and get out and explore, but when we arrived the place was absolutely jam packed. There was no parking ANYWHERE within three miles of the city, especially not for our big American car. It felt like every single person in the country had descended on this town to enjoy the beautiful weather! Can you blame them? 
We drove across the river to get some views then decided to head on home. It was a fun trip to western Germany and Luxembourg. 
Next trip: To the north of our wonderful adopted homeland to check out Hamburg and Schwerin Castle.


  1. So beautiful! LOVING the photos!! That castle .... WOW!!!!!!

  2. I really really liked this castle. It was cool to see one so intact and authentic


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