Bolesławiec, Poland

Thursday, October 6, 2016

We finally went to Bolesławiec, Poland as a family!

This town in Lower Silesia, Poland is best known for its long-standing pottery making tradition. The city is celebrated as Miasto Ceramiki or "Ceramics City".
One of my favorite parts? They make Halloween-themed pottery!
Since everyone in my family has an unhealthy obsession with Halloween, I picked up some pieces for my sister. 
So fun!
For centuries, the pottery from this region has been one of the most famous art forms in Eastern Europe. The durable and functional creamy white and blue stoneware pieces are unique and easily identifiable. Every authentic piece from this area is stamped with "Handmade in Poland" on it.

Last April when I came to Bolesławiec with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law, there was a bus of women from the Vicenza, Italy army base also shopping around, which, coming by bus, probably took 14 hours at least to get there. That's how cray cray Army wives are for this stuff. It's addicting!!!
The area around Bolesławiec lends itself to ceramic work since it is rich in natural clay deposits which are still excavated today. The clay is not only plentiful, but it is of extremely high quality with high feldspar and silicon content. It is fired at an extremely high temperature, over 2000 degrees fahrenheit, and after firing it is classified as "stoneware." Glaze is then applied to it and re-fired to make a watertight, non-porous surface. 
We were on the hunt for some new dishes for everyday use and had fun picking out a variety of patterns and styles.
Our new kitchenware:
 12 cereal/ice cream bowls.
 I love how the patterns are inside and out.
 12 little salad plates (only 9 shown).
And 8 bigger dinner plates. 
Close-up of a few patterns. 

For lunch we stopped at Restauracja Opałkowa Chata.
What to get, what to get... meat Pirogies of course! Sooooo good and so filling!
This is the fourth time I've gone to Bolesławiec but the first that I've seen the actual old town! Who knew it was so dang cute!?
About 40,000 people call Bolesławiec home and in 2001 the town celebrated its 750th anniversary.
The area around the market square has recently been revitalized and is so charming.

The view of the square from the steps of the Shrine of the Assumption of Mary Church.
It was game day for our BYU cougars the day we were here, so Chris and Fox were "Reppin' the Y." Thanks to our ol' dental school friends the Bybees for sending these fun shirts!
Love this pink building/archway.
The town hall.
The area is a photographer's delight. The pastels and flowers were so pretty in the late summer sun.
Old Town Bolesławiec.
Gimme all the colors! Wish granted :)
Manhole | Pink flowers, yellow building.

Layers upon layers of advertisements make for a fun texture!
Our family in Bolesławiec, Poland on Saturday September 10th 2016.
When we had our fill of gorgeous buildings and pretty pottery, we found some dinner and then drove to the Elim Mission Center to stay the night. The kids played outside in the warm summer sunshine for an hour and I think it was the most fun they've had in their lives, I kid you not. It was so sweet, fun, and endearing to see them playing together, running around, chasing each other, and just being kids. Our kids. Love them.

Our room was straight up PINK! HEAVEN!
The next morning we drove to Wrocław so that recap is coming up next!


  1. Love love love love the photos! That pottery is just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving that palm tree with all the pottery on it!!!!!

  2. Hi, and great blog!! Can I ask, where did you find the pumpkins/plates and mugs (3rd & 4th photo) from? I want to go this October and need to know what shops to hit!
    Thanks so much!

    1. It's from the store/s called Ceramika Kalich! Good luck!!


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