Disneyland Paris 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Since we were going to be passing right by Disneyland Paris on our way to Normandy, we decided to stop and spend a couple days there. It was going to be over Fox's 6th birthday, too, so it was a perfect way to celebrate. And, it was Halloween time at the park! Win win win all around!
There are several hotels around the Disneyland complex. The Newport Bay Club sits across a lake from the path we walked to the parks everyday. 
Collage of our enthusiastic children heading into Disneyland.

The entrance to Disneyland is fronted by the gorgeous Disneyland Hotel. It's pink!

French vibes all around.

Mainstreet U.S.A. all decked out for Halloween.

I couldn't get enough of the spooktacular decorations.

He's a keeper!

On our last two trips to Disneyland, Fox has been scared of Pirates of the Caribbean. We've been hyping it up to him for weeks before coming and this trip he decided he loved it! We even got both kids to go down the drop with their hands up! You can't really see little Jane, but she's doing it too!

The Moroccan-themed portion of Adventureland.

Inside this entryway is a fun Aladdin themed walk-through. 
My how she's grown! October 2016 on the left versus March 2014 on the right. 

Our favorite! The Phantom Manor!

Jack Skellington was out taking pictures with his fans. 

There were hardly any lines the first night so we got right into Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
I just couldn't help myself! More pictures of Mainstreet U.S.A. ready for Halloween.

The next morning we got up early for the first breakfast time. Other times we've been here have been significantly more crowded. I highly recommend going on a weekday in October - it's practically empty!
Early morning at the Hotel Cheyenne on our way to the park for the bonus hours.
Mr. Fox strolling through Hotel Cheyenne.

Happy 6th birthday, Fox! We love you!
Jane loved the carousel. 
First ones on Peter Pan's flight! The kids made us go on this three times in a row.
I love the Teacups here. Well... I love looking at the teacups. Chris took one for the team and rode it with the kids.

Italian restaurant near Fantasyland.

Oh Jane. She's always just in her own world bopping around. 
The Storybook Boats! I love the miniature scenes.
This was our first time riding Disneyland Paris' version of an Indiana Jones ride. It's a roller coaster that even goes upside down! Fuuuun!
Fox and mommy selfie on Autopia.
Then we went to the Walt Disney Studios park.

Well, Chris and I did. The kids needed some nap time :)
Passed out kids allowed us to take turns and ride the awesome Rock'n'Roller Coaster!
"been there"
The lobby of the Tower of Terror. They are changing this ride in California to some Guardians of the Galaxy ride bull. That is sooooo sad! Why change a classic?!
Toy Story Land!
A little rain didn't stop us. We hopped on the Slinky Dog Coaster and had a blast - Chris immediately took the kids on it for a second turn.

They opened a new Ratatouille-themed ride and built a whole mini-Paris section around it.
The ride is awesome! It's like a cross between Star Tours and Honey I Shrunk the Audience and the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Jane in the Paris-themed corner of Disneyland Paris located just a few miles from the actual Paris. So meta.
It was magical at night!

And the next morning we took advantage of the early hours once again. First stop, Dumbo!
Jane likes to pester her daddy. We'll go ahead and say it's her way of expressing affection. Say it, don't spray it, Jane!
Upstairs inside the castle is the story of Sleeping Beauty told with stained-glass, tapestries, and sculptures. It's pretty. 
As was the day!


The year-round Christmas gift shop in the castle. 
I've had a lot of people ask me how Disneyland Paris compares to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Disneyland Paris is a lot "prettier" if that makes sense, it definitely has the cute and lovely French/Parisian charm. But the food is straight up nasty and super duper pooper expensive (unlike Disneyland, which, sometimes we would go just for the food!) and the restaurants have the weirdest shortest hours - best just bring your own food. Other than that, the rides, lines, and crowds are very similar. It's definitely worth going if you ever get the chance!
Crossing the bridge to Adventure Isle.

I love this area of Adventureland. 
Wouldn't it be a fun job to get to design all these posters and what not?

In the spirit of Halloween they had carved pumpkins on display. 
Photo ops for the kids were everywhere!

Family selfie on the Studio Backlot Tour at the Walt Disney Studios park.
Sunset over Big Thunder Railroad. It was a great trip and fun way to celebrate Fantastic Mr. Fox turning 6!

Our family at Disneyland Paris on Thursday October 13th 2016.
After playing at Disneyland for a few days we headed next to Claude Monet's beautiful house and gardens in Giverny.

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  1. How FUN! I can't believe how much Jane has grown in the 2 years! WOW!! And I am UBER upset about the Tower of Terror in CA ... ugh ... I am DEATHLY afraid of rides .. but that one I LOVE ... like it's the ONLY ride I can stomach ... and now, poof! gone! just like that ... major buttheads I say to Disney! ;) LOVING all the photos! Looks like a PERFECT way to celebrate Fox's birthday!!!!!!


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