Burano, Italy

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thanks to Pinterest and instagram, I "discovered" Burano, but it was after we had visited Venice back in 2013, so I was sooooo happy we got to back and check off this major bucketlist city!

I'll start with my favorite picture from the day, goodness knows it was hard to pick just one! GIMME ALL THE COLORS!!!!

The island is known for its lacemaking and countless lace shops, like Murano is known for glass making.
You get a nice pastel village alternative to the big, bustling heart of Venice on the main islands.
Bridge selfie!
There are only a few canals cutting through this island so we decided to walk up and down all of them.
The back lanes are decidely un-touristy with Venetians going about their everyday lives in this enchanting place. Do they know how lucky they are to live here?!
No one is exactly sure how the tradition of painting your home a bright color began, but legend has it that the practice started to help fishermen find their way home in the fog.
Over time, a a specific coloring system developed - if someone wishes to paint his home, he must send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colors permitted for that lot.

Some of the colors of these homes have been with the families for centuries.
Skittles - taste the rainbow!
Before lacemaking came to the island, it was a fishing village that was founded by the ancient Romans. 

Burano's lacemaking heritage goes back over 500 years. It is all still made by hand using only needles, thread, and time-honored patterns.

Yummy texture from peeling paint.

Jane aka "Sweet 'n' Sour."

Yet another leaning tower in Italy - the tower of the Church of San Martino.

San Martino on Piazza Galuppi. What was once a sleepy village is now a tourist hotspot and the square was lively with visitors.
I love how the little doorway gets its own bright color.
Looks like a flag.

Laundry drying in the warm sun.

The island has an incredibly high population density. Almost every square inch has been built on and there are only a few green spaces. But, with the canals, surrounding lagoon, and that beautiful sky it doesn't feel claustrophobic at all.

Fox being his usual silly self on the Vaporetto back to Venice.

The inside of the Vaporettos are mint green = love ;)
Keeping the kids entertained on the long boat ride back to the main island:

Our family in Burano, Italy on Friday September 2nd 2016.

And that my friends concludes our Holland America cruise! We're hoping to go on one more to the Norway fjords, but right now it's just wishful thinking.

Just 6 days after we got home we packed an overnight back and set off for Poland for pottery - two more recaps coming next!

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous town! LOVING all the bright colors! And how cute are they singing to themselves! LOL! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the Polish pottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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