CAR 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017

It has been so much fun to teach at Crop Am Rhein three of the four years we've lived here!

Candy bar.

The view from the Hotel Oberwinter overlooking the Rhein River is one of my favorites - I tried to ingrain it into my mind's eye since this is the last time I'll lay eyes on it!

After dropping off my suitcase I went upstairs where Barbara was teaching and flipped through her scrapbook. I sent this photo to Chris - we're not the only ones in love with the McDonald's Big Rosti! Ha!
 The next morning before breakfast I drove 10 minutes north to fill up the car at the closest Esso (the Army has a deal only with Esso gas stations where we get American gas prices instead European). Originally Chris and the kids were going to come with me on this trip and we were going to visit Bonn, Dusseldorf, and the Drachenburg Castle, which is just across the river. I got a peek at it from a distance which was cool. In the end we decided it best if Chris and the kids stayed home - there is such a thing as too much travel!
Drachenburg Castle from the www:
Let CAR 2017... begin!
My messy desk :)
I taught a variation of the floral wreath and placed the flowers in a heart shape.
Lunch break!
Pop up shops! I always love perusing through the goodies.
Um... where can I find those pink trays?!
The calm before the storm. Do I always say that? I don't mean it. I love teaching :)
Room with a view!
 Say cheese!

Thank you to Barbara for catching me in action! I rarely have photographs of myself teaching so these are a real treat. 
After teaching the two layouts in the afternoon class I packed up and drove 4 hours home. It was a fun-filled day of scrapping!
You can see the process video for this layout here:
And here is the second layout we made:
I would love to come back and teach again at Crop Am Rhein some day!


  1. What a great location !
    I love both the pages you were making-have made a version of the heart wreath with you in the UK so am now going to try your second design!

  2. Lovely post and fabulous photos. Brings back happy memories of my 6 years in Germany with the British Army. Both your layouts are beautiful - I particularly like the one with hearts.

  3. What a beautiful place to teach!! LOVING all the photos and the pages you made for the class!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Did you get the comment I made saying you in Iceland's thermal pool look just like your Grandmother Taylor ?
    My emails have not been going lately.


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