Teaching at Scrappies Recap

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I have absolutely loved teaching at Scrappies through the years! I'm so thankful to Sandra for organizing the events and for letting me come and teach so many times. Saturday May 13th was the final event, wahhhh!
I'm obviously a HUUUUGE fan of Steffi Ried - so much so that I asked her to be one of only three on my design team! When she said she was coming to my class I was sooooooo excited to meet her in real life! I pretty much stalked her all day :) Totally fangirling.
These pics are from Steffi's blog - on the left I'm teaching and on the right is Steffi's lovely version of one of the layouts.
After walking by Steffi's space a few times, I noticed she wasn't using any orange! Turns out she hates orange! Ha! I was like, you know what I'm gonna do now... I'm gonna give you an assignment to use ONLY orange! HA!
Steffi's beautiful layout:
Selfie with Steffi:
Only after I read Steffi's blog post recap about the same day did I realize WE'VE ALREADY MET! I feel like such a doofus! I even have a picture of us together on my blog post recap of teaching at Scrapbook Werkstatt a few years ago!
So. I feel lame. I have a terrible terrible memory. Anyway, I'm grateful to Steffi for coming, for being on my team, for still being so nice to me even when I acted like it was the first time ever meeting her, and such. She really is the sweetest and she even gave me a handmade mini album that I will forever cherish:
Back to the class recap! We made the same four layouts that I taught in Birmingham back in March.
Kerstin on the left and Mone on the right (below). Both amazing planner girls and I love this captured moment. Kerstin also came to my bookbinding class at Stephanie's a few weeks ago! And Mone flew from Berlin just to come to this class! I love these gals.
More Steffi stalking. I need that watercolor set!
My desk. I brought my Keukenhof mini album in case I had a few minutes to spare, which I did, just about 15 minutes in total, and that's when I figured out I could add white paint instead of vellum to tone down the backgrounds.
For lunch we walked back to Scrappies and shopped and ate.
I neeeeed these blue and pink albums.
Best pretzels ever!
Pick a pizza any pizza! All were delicious!
A cute layout sample - I love the cross stitched hearts.
Long live local scrapbook stores!
Aerial view of my space.
Tears welled up in my eyes as I was saying goodbye. Goodbyes suck. And there's going to be so many more of them over the coming weeks :(
I passed the lovely Nabburg on the way home, so majestically set up on the hill.
It was Saturday 4 of 5 in a row of teaching and it was awesome!
Oh, and, tomorrow is my birthday, just sayin' :) Which means today is my little sister's birthday! Happy birthday Allie!!


  1. Allie shares a birthday with my Mom!!! Happy birthday to her and YOU!!! I loveeeeeeeeee all the photos from your class!!! And how awesome you got to see Steffi!!!!!!! It's always awesome to meet our fellow DT friends!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to
    you! Love all your
    travels and teaching
    posts. Hope you have
    an awesome day.
    Carla from Utah


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