Daisy's Baby Blessing

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Over Labor Day weekend I flew to Vegas for Daisy's baby blessing! 
Plane tickets were flippin' expensive though so Chris stayed behind with Fox & Jane. I miss RyanAir and their insanely cheap flights! It was a beautiful day flying out of Seattle with majestic Mt. Rainier in the background.
WWJD? And when I walked on they were talking about all the ways you can die on an airplane! Oh nuh uh!!
I don't know which mountain this is, but it's neato!
Vegas baby!
Oh yes. You know you're in Vegas when... there are slot machines in all the terminals.
Allie picked us up then we went straight to dinner where I got to snuggle Daisy all night.
Me'n'my Taylor side of the family girlfriends!
It was the first time seeing many of my family members in four years. It was so.much.fun. Family is everything.
Even though we had just eaten dinner, I needed my Shake Shack fix, STAT! Clearly, I was a happy girl :)
Sunday morning I snuggled sleeping Daisy while everyone got ready for church then all during sacrament. Man I miss this!
My beautiful sister and her beautiful baby.
4 generations of Warner gals.
Great Grandpa John and Great Grandma Cathie.
It was a special day with a sweet blessing given by Tate.
After a fun luncheon at Allie & Tate's awesome house, we went to Cafe Rio for dinner.
I felt like the food instigator of this whole trip. First Shake Shack. Then Cafe Rio. Then I wanted some kind of dessert so Allie suggested a place called Cream and it was exactly what I was craving.
The entire Taylor family except my family. We'll all be together for Christmas though and I literally can't wait!

Congratulations to Allie & Tate on their cute little baby girl that I wanted to smuggle home!


  1. What a lovely family celebration!

  2. What a wonderful trip! LOVING all the photos!!! And Shake Shack is a DEFINITE when we go to Vegas too! We love it there!


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