Mexico City

Sunday, September 3, 2017

We went to Mexico City a few days early so that we could explore and celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We left Fox & Jane with Grandma & Grandpa and headed for the airport at the glorious hour of 4am :) The sun rising over Mt. Rainier was beautiful and worth the missed hours of sleep!
We had a layover in LA and then headed down to Mexico. It was much more green than I was expecting!
Holy colorful buildings! YAAAAS!
If these colorful ginormous flower pots don't make you happy, I don't know what will!
Diana and her friends picked us up and we went straight to the hotel to drop off our bags before dinner. Up on the 14th floor it was really neat to see views of the biggest city in the Western Hemisphere out the windows.
Fresh guac and the best limes I've ever tasted in my life!
chips & guac | tacos | corn flavored ice cream served in an actual corn husk, not my favorite lol | pineapple ice cream in an actual pineapple that was delicious!
Can we just take a minute and talk about these authentic tacos?!
Night night Mexico City!
The next morning we hired an Uber (our first one!) and rode into the city. Traffic was easy breezy... false lol.
You know me, I love bright colors, and Mexico City had them all in spades!
Makes me want to learn how to crochet!
Ciudad Mexico! Notice the construction workers taking a break in the shade of the giant letters.
Snippets from the city - some parts remind me of Italy.
Inside the most glamorous post office I've ever seen.
Street vendors selling Mexican goods.
Tiles like unto Lisbon adorn this beautiful building.
We heard a commotion and noticed the traffic was piling up so we ran to see what was going on: a parade! SO COOL!
We found fresh fruit smoothies for a snack.
"Tops" of meat.
Me in front of the Zocalo where the opening scene of James Bond - Spectre was filmed. Apparently that festival isn't even a "thing" but they did have a parade BECAUSE of the movie last year. I don't know if there will be another one this year! But crazy huh? Hollywood... People weren't allowed in the square because of construction when we visited, but usually this is THE place where everything goes down.
Door details.
Me outside the cathedral.
Looking up at the Torre Latinoamericana. Of course we had to go up!
Being the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, you could literally see buildings as far as the eye can see in EVERY direction. You know how most big cities have a recognizable skyline? There are like 20 distinct skylines all around. It's crazy cool!
Creeper me :)
There was a Picasso exhibition inside, but I whimped out - in addition to being a huge city, it's also 7,382′ above sea level and I was huffing and puffing around trying to adjust!
Me & Chris in various places around Mexico City.
Love this yellow bridge.
Love this pink, blue, orange combo!
We popped our heads into this restaurant and love the outfits the waitresses were wearing.
Sugar skull mural.
Our last night in Mexico City (after a fun, full day at the Teotihuacan pyramids and two days of teaching - recaps coming soon!) we at a Thai food place inside the same mall as our hotel.
It was the BEST tom kha gai soup I've ever had! I seriously have been craving it ever since... better go back!
Funny story (although maybe it's more of an inside joke/you had to be there situation!). Sunday morning we headed back home. We woke up at 3am (so 1am our time) to get to the airport (we thought it might be crazy busy being the biggest city and all). We got through everything super fast with hours to spare. And then our flight was two hours delayed because there wasn't a second pilot... We re-booked our tickets from LAX to Seattle because we would have missed our connection. By the time we landed at LAX I was starving. I found the first thing I could to eat - some overpriced, way too hot nasty meat sandwich. I laughed and said, "Wouldn't it be funny if there was like a Chick-fil-A right around the corner?" We didn't think it was possible since this terminal seemed small and dark. We sat down at our gate, another couple sat down next to us, and when I looked at what they were eating I about had a heart attack! SHAKE SHACK!!! Are you flippin' kidding me?! I don't know if you remember, but the last trip Chris and I took solo was in March 2016 to London. We tried Shake Shack for the first time there and loved it SO MUCH we went back Those buns tho! Basically, we compare all burgers to Shake Shack and stalk their website to see when and where the next location will open, hoping and praying it'll be near us. I was sadly full, but Chris got himself a burger and it was epic. I knew I was going to Las Vegas the next weekend where there are Shake Shack's galore, so I didn't partake. It was just hilarious that it was literally around the corner from where I ate my sub par lunch and we talked about how there was probably food around the corner. I settled too fast! Lesson learned!!
For some reason when we got our flights re-booked they put us in first class! I'm not complaining! It was fun to be waited on hand and foot, though I didn't even get anything except a bottle of water.
Hello again old stomping grounds!
Flying back into Seattle, I always look for the landmark volcanoes.
It fascinates me that even 37 years after Mount St. Helens erupted you can still see where the lava spilled out and nothing has grown back there.
A short video of our time in Mexico City:
We had an AWESOME trip together, just me & Chris, in Mexico City! Thank you Malm & Dald for watching the kiddos!


  1. How fun!!!! LOVING all the photos!! Those colors in that city are amazing!!! Sadly, living on the border of Mexico (Arizona that is) - we NEVER go there, because the parts that are right over the border are SO NOT pretty at all :( -- but you found an amazing city to visit!! And that is sooooooooo funny about The Shake Shack!!! We found them in Vegas one year and also fell in LOVE with them!! Every time we go back to Vegas, that is the FIRST place we went to for dinner!!! :)

  2. Amazing pictures as always! I love coming to your page and checking out your adventures. I've been to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and Manzanillo in Mexico through cruises, so we didn't get to spend more than a few hours in each place. I hope you get to do some more trips around the country in the future. I also must say that I love your taste in music. I've seen the names of at least 2 of my favorite bands somewhere in your photos whenever I stop by, they were a Breaking Benjamin album and of course the Atreyu shirt in one of the photos above. Love those bands! Haha. Take Care! :)


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