Solar Eclipse

Thursday, September 14, 2017

On August 21st 2017 there was a solar eclipse! We were in 94% totality and it was one of the neatest experiences of my life! Mother nature rocks.
At about 9:30am I went outside to see if anything was happening. I put on my solar glasses, looked up at the sun, and noticed it wasn't perfectly round. I wondered if that was the moon starting to cover it up, so I went back inside for a few minutes then came back out.
Indeed! It was the moon starting to cover the sun and it was AWESOME! I grabbed the kids and we made a picnic on the porch. I kept reminding them to put their glasses on when they wanted to look at the sun OR ELSE. They were really good about it thankfully!
Glimpses from throughout the event:

Fox and Jane in awe and wonder.
I actually didn't capture the really neat thing that happens between leaf shadows: little crescents everywhere! This is from Pink Paislee graphic designer Shalece's instagram:
 This is from Jen Evans' instagram - she was in complete totality a few hours south in Salem, Oregon. Holy cow so incredible. It looks like nighttime!
Notice the little solar flair at the bottom reflecting the eclipse.
Now I want to be an eclipse chaser! There will be a total eclipse right over the Denver area on August 12th 2045 which is where we're hoping to settle permanently! That would be surreal!

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  1. These are awesome photos!! We didn't have much down here in AZ, but I was stuck inside my office at the time too! LOL!!!


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