October & Halloween 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October is always an epic month! This year has been no exception! All of these photos, plus about 200 more, are going into my October Occasionally mini album!
Halloween displays started going up in.... August. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween more than I can even describe, but August? Really?! Nothing spooky until October 1st is my mantra hahaha. Still, the kids were excited! And yes, Jane was wearing her bat costume even back in August! She's worn it almost every day this entire past year and wanted to be a bat again this year so I just ordered her the next size up.
Target also started getting Halloweeny in early September and we took our turn trying on all the neat hats and masks.

Oh WOW the leaves in Washington! So vivid! I really have to soak it in since this is the only year we'll enjoy them here! #movin'toColorado.
Phoebe and our decorated mantle. It was empty up until October 1st. I don't know what to put there when it's not a holiday! Suggestions??
This is the mini album in which I'm going to create my October Occasionally 2017. This AMAZING charm is from Emily Inspired Designs - she has more! Go check them out!!
Frenemies. I mean, Rachel is literally sleeping on Joey's butt hahaha!
Off to the school Fall Festival!
Outside IKEA. Too cute to spook.
My niece Zoe turned two on the 15th - the day after Fox's 7th birthday! Eric & Tanya hosted a super fun Halloween party at their home.
Complete with mummy wrapping, pumpkin decorating, donuts on a string, Costco pizza, and of course, costumes!
I made this banner for the party :)
Zoe knew exactly what to do when we sung her Happy Birthday!
Last Friday we went to Kirkloween - the Halloween party at Google where my dad works in Kirkland.
There were booths set up allllll over the campus, luckily my dad knew exactly where to go, so we got our steps in and the kids collected some candy and treats. Fun fun fun!
The last Saturday in October Eric & Tanya & Zoe invited us to go to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. It was a beautiful day, no jackets required! There were a few Halloween things here and there, it was cute, just like these penguins.
That same night we hired a babysitter and went and saw Happy Death Day. It was really good!!
We hit up the local pumpkin patch called Schilter Farms. We each picked out a pumpkin then enjoyed playing on the various playgrounds.
There was a hay bale maze with festive lights inside a barn.
See! The leaves! They're amazing!
I went a little (or a lot!) Halloween book crazy this year... I can't help myself!
For Family Night we carved our pumpkins. Fox requested a Five Nights at Freddy's "Foxy" just like his costume, Janey drew a cute li'l face, I made a cat, and Chris carved a traditional jack-o-lantern. I LOVE the smell and feel of pumpkin guts. Who's with me?
Today, Halloween proper, I helped set up for the party in Fox's class then the school had a parade. The kids dressed up and walked about a mile up and down and through the neighborhood. It made me so happy. This is truly the spirit of Halloween!
Hi kiddos!
Look at this weather for trick-or-treating! I'm tellin' ya, ever since we moved here it's only rained a handful of times! Sure it got a little cold at night, but no rain, so I'll take it!
After I picked the kids up from school we went straight to "downtown" DuPont for the first round of trick-or-treating! All the shops along Wilmington handed out candy. And business cards haha.
First heaps of loot.
Around 6pm we got our first trick-or-treaters so I headed out into the cotton-pink candy sky with Fox and Jane for trick-or-treating round 2!
Jane the Bat and Fox the Nightmare Foxy.
 Yaaaaaaas. Love this.
These pumpkins are the best.
 This neighborhood is perfect for trick-or-treating: it's flat, the houses are close together, a lot of people were home, and it wasn't very crowded. We may just have to fly back next year :)

Fox and Jane quickly filled their buckets after just one lap right around our house so we dropped off their candy then headed out AGAIN! So in total they each got about three bucket's worth of candy. Go to bed kids, mommy and daddy want their "tax"! :)
 Also - the instagram filters today are on point!
AWESOME October and Halloween 2017!!! Can't wait to print all these pics tomorrow and start working on a mini album! 
Now off to watch Bates Motel!


  1. Loving all the photos from October!! The kids LOOK AWESOME in their costumes!!! And the mantel?? I would add candles, framed photos (or scrappy pages!) and maybe even an antique camera or two if you have them! :)

  2. Love the Halloween books :) I'll add some suggestions for next Halloween that my kids LOVED this year. The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea, The Spooky Box by Mark Gonyea, and Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak.


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