Crop & Create Thunder Bay 2017 Recap

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I landed in Thunder Bay, Canada in the afternoon of Saturday October 14th, ordered some room service for dinner, and then taught a class! Check out this huuuuuuuge room full of scrapbookers! I am in awe!
 I barely had a voice to teach, luckily there was a microphone and all the girls were super nice and understanding!
Crop & Create teachers and organizers! Vicki Boutin takes the best selfies :) 
Speaking of Vicki, I snuck into one of her classes while she was teaching and wish I could have stayed the entire time! I looooove what she was sharing!
I screengrabbed this photo below from Vicki's instagram because I took a total of TEN photos at the event. TEN! I'm so embarrassed! I guess I was just so happy and involved with teaching I forgot to snap more. Next time!! 
Cute photobooth!
 The trip home was an adventure :) From Thunder Bay to Toronto to Calgary to Seattle. Everything went smoothly though and I made it home safe and sound! Can't wish for anymore than that!
Catherine gifted me this "smile" decor and I love love love it. I'm going to keep it on top of this mint green Fabrikör forever and whenever I look at it I'll always remember this whirlwind of a weekend teaching in 2 countries, 5 classes and 6 flights in 3 days! Countless memories made!
I don't have any set plans for future classes, but definitely talks of teaching in Spokane, Los Gatos, San Diego, and Ben Franklin in Redmond! Check my Upcoming Workshops page frequently - that's where I post when and where I'll be teaching next! If you own a store or shop at one, I'd love if you could request me to teach!! :)

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