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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Paige's Pages 15 is now online at Big Picture Classes and it includes four start-to-finish layouts with process videos and cut files and tips and tricks galore! Also, how is this already the 15th edition of this series?! Wow time flies!

In the first lesson we punch hexagons and fold them into cones to create geometric flowers. I love using lots and lots of patterned papers on my layouts and I’ve found that by using punches I can get all kinds of patterns and colors on one page – the more the merrier - yay! Since I am using a single collection, my Turn the Page line with Pink Paislee, I already know all of the colors and patterns work well together so I can punch away to my heart’s content! And trust me, once I start, it’s hard for me to stop – it’s addicting to make these!
I love love love seeing how friends and scrapbookers alike use my cut files in new and creative and innovative ways! One of my favorite shapes to design is floral wreaths and I’ve included a free cut file at the end of lesson 2 so you can make this layout too! You just can’t go wrong with a wreath design!
Continuing to lesson 3, do you ever have an idea in mind and then struggle a bit to make it come to life? Maybe it turns out slightly or even completely different than you envisioned? But maybe it turns out great or even better than you envisioned! On this layout I knew I wanted to fussy cut allllll of the butterflies from Paper 04, but then I was stuck. An idea came to mind, and while it didn’t turn out exactly how I was picturing, I still love the butterfly trails and hope you enjoy this design concept!
The 4th and final layout came together the quickest and I think it might be my favorite of the bunch – I love it when that happens! I was fresh out of ideas… I’d used them all up on the first three layouts! I asked my husband what I should do, he said I should make something minimalist. Hahahaha! I just can’t, I don’t know how! But I decided to start simple – with a cut file, which is also included for you in this lesson. When all else fails, I turn to cut files, and I try to design them with scrapbookers in mind. 
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***Big Picture Classes (or BPC) is an online learning platform for all things crafty, offering classes that cover all the fun and important topics about crafting, creating, and documenting memories that you'll need to excel, and then some! Get access to as many classes as you want for only $9.95 a month - and there are hundreds! Each class brings you a variety of topics and ideas, PDFs, cut files, printables, prompts, homework, and so much more! Check out the Big Picture Classes website to find out more about how you can learn everything you need to know to document your memories beautifully every time.***

I love teaching, I love making layouts & scrapbook videos, and I'd love to see you in Paige's Pages 14 over at Big Picture Classes!

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  1. Oh be still my heart! I am LOVING these!! The class looks wonderful! Off to check it out!!!


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