September 2018 Highlights

Monday, October 1, 2018

Lots of home improvement projects happened in September! Starting with painting the whole house. This time we hired professional painters. Here is the before of the family room:
 And here is the after:
Here is the kitchen before:
 And here is the after:
We added some twinkly porch lights after driving around to literally five different Target stores in the area to get them on clearance! Ha!
 And then I used a stencil to paint the back patio:
We got our Lego minifigures set up on these wooden shelves that my dad helped me make while we stayed there over the summer.
One of our favorite things about Colorado is all the wild bunnies. Not a day goes by that we don't see at least one. Can you spy three?
 Fox is a self proclaimed "gamer" and "YouTuber" and started going to Coding Club after school once a week. I am so impressed by his mad skillz!
 This is the view that sold me on this house. I love a good view and from here just one block away we get a spectacular 180 degree view of the mountains to downtown Denver and more.
On Monday September 10th I began my weight loss / getting healthy journey. We desperately want to have another child and I think my unhealthy habits have been a key factor in our infertility. I now count my calories, get at least 10,000 steps a day, do a workout video 5 times a week, and don't get junk food or drink soda anymore. It hasn't been easy, but I love the results. 

 One Thursday I was walking to the school to pick up Fox and Jane from Lego club and I saw a cute little black dog get run over by a car and killed. To this day (I am writing this in January 2019) I can't get it out of my head. I believe I have PTSD. Animals are so precious to me. My email address all growing up was PetQueen. I love pets. We have many. I wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age all the way until I couldn't hack the science classes in college. So to witness this completely broke me. The very next day I saw another dog without a leash and immediately loaded her up in the car and took her to the vet. Because of her microchip she was able to be reunited with her family. I couldn't save one dog, but hopefully I saved this one.
 Just because she's cute.
 Walking home from school with a play date.
 We went with Nana and Papa up into the mountains to go on the Georgetown Loop Railroad. It was a beautiful fall day in the Rockies.

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