Whimsical Coptic Book and Bookbinding Kits

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

One thing I love to make with every new collection is a coptic book!
I took a bookbinding class in college many years ago and haven't stopped making books since!
I often get asked if I put anything in them and the truthful answer is no, they're mostly decoration, BUT, I did make my December Daily 2017 album in one - check it out here.
Since I received most of my new Whimsical collection I created a coptic book with it! A few years ago a friend in Germany made these plexiglas covers for me with pre-drilled holes and everything. I love how the covers are see-through so the floral patterned papers on both ends show through.
I trimmed two of each patterned paper into 7.25" square pieces and then grouped them together into stacks of four called signatures before folding them in half. Then I arranged the signatures into rainbow order.
I used an ombre blue thread to stitch the book together and as I was sewing I added bits and baubles like the Butterfly Charms, the tassels from the Tassel Paper Clips, and then I turned Puffy Stickers and Stickers into charms by backing them with papers, fussy cutting them out, and punching a tiny hole in each. I love the extra pizzazz and wow factor charms add to the exposed binding!

I decorated the cover with a flower Sticker and Puffy Sticker and a rainbow Puffy Sticker and gold scalloped border Stickers. The "feeling crafty" sentiment is also from the Stickers pack.
I love how colorful the book is from every angle!
Another nice thing about coptic books is they lay flat so they're easy to work in for journaling, scrapbooking, wedding reception signatures, etc.
There are so many ways you can customize a coptic book! From the cover materials (if you can drill holes through it, you can use it as a cover - I've used plexiglas, wood, chipboard, old license plates, tiles, and cassettes!), the placement of the holes (no less than 1/2" and generally no more than 1" apart), the papers you use (cardstock, patterned papers, watercolor paper, envelopes, transparencies, any kind of paper!), to the charms and embellishments you tie into the binding! The possibilities are truly endless!
I do have an online class where I show you step-by-step complete instructions in a process video:
And I just listed Whimsical Bookbinding kits in my etsy shop!
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