November 2018 Highlights

Saturday, December 1, 2018

November started off with another painting project! I originally got a quote for around $2000 to have this room painted with colorful stripes. Pssh. I did it myself for less than $100! I use this random room with a sink and closet in the basement to exercise. All the bright colors keep me motivated!
I can't resist her cute smile!
My cat Rachel follows me wherever I go. She was by my side as I finished setting up my Original ScrapBox.
We walked over to the school playground to swing on the swings one beautiful fall evening.
We've been going to Cafe Rio almost every Saturday for my cheat meal. Gotta love the pork salad!
We saw The Grinch. It was so cute. I would love to visit Whoville :)
Picking out their annual ornament at Hobby Lobby.
We saw huge bulls in the pasture by our house for about a week. Haven't seen them again since. Where did they come from and why were they there and where did they go?!
We finally got a new Christmas tree! Our old one was over 10 years old and collapsed last December.
My parents came for their first visit. We loved showing them Colorado - we're hoping to convince them to move here when they retire in a few years.
We took them up to the Georgetown Loop Railroad which was decked out for the holidays.
Santa was even on board!
We went to Idaho Springs afterwards which is such a cute town.
We ate lunch at Beau Jo's. Check out this pizza though! And the dough is covered in honey!
Shawn (one of the other dentists) recommended we check out the lighting of downtown Littleton. We went in with no expectations and walked away so surprised! Even though my dad hates crowds, we were able to find good parking (at Chris' work), walk to the event, stay for the short parade and lighting of the street, then walk back to the car. We got dinner at Taco Bell.
Fox was baptized!
Family from all over came to witness Fox's baptism and it was really special. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner at Tom & Margi's the day before.
We put my dad to work and he trimmed off the top of Chris' Rogue so it could fit in our basement.
Then he built gingerbread houses with the kids. Best Grandpa ever!
So I walked into PetCo and saw they had a free guinea pig... welcome to the family Monica! She's a cute little squeaker.

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