June 2019 Highlights

Monday, July 1, 2019

Here's what we were up to this past June! I have a bucketlist of things I want to do and see this summer and we are having fun crossing things off. We love living in Colorado! Coming up on our 1 year anniversary of being here. Time flies!

I worked on a Pink Paislee MemoryDex from mid-May to mid-June and finally finished! Well, it will actually always be a work in progress since I plan to add to it with every new collection with Pink Paislee, but I'm all caught up to this point!
We went to Red Rocks & Morrison, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and my Mom, Sister & Niece came to visit and we went lots of places. Each deserved its own blog post so you can click and check those out.
Jane being Jane.
She got a flamingo peep sucker thing from Target and was in heaven.
Fox took a one week coding club camp at one of the nearby rec centers.
Here's said finished Pink Paislee MemoryDex! Loved working on this project, now I'm recharged and refreshed and ready to dive back into layouts!
For Father's Day we went to a really fun mini golf course.
Best. Dad. Ever :)
STENCILS!! I'll be starting a monthly stencil kit club soon so keep checking back for updates!
One Wednesday we went with family to the North Pole in Colorado Springs. It was a perfect day filled with fun! And lots and lots and lots of spinning rides that I opted out of lol.
We saw Toy Story 4 (pretty cute - can't believe I have kids almost the age I was when I saw the first one!) and Secret Life of Pets 2 (absolutely terrible, sorry...). We love going to movies!
SIX bunnies in our neighbor's backyard!
Snuggles with my girl.
We used our Get Out Pass to check out SeaQuest. It was also super fun! We love animals :) 
Colorado is looking so beautiful and green. And it smells so good.
We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and Fox chowed down on peanuts.
My 8th collection with Pink Paislee called TRULY GRATEFUL launched at the end of June! 
Chris was the 1st person to "like" my post about it. He's so supportive, I love him :)
The kids started horseback riding lessons with award-winning rider Margi Evans :)
Oh Rachel. How I long to be her sometimes hehe.
This is the free cut file I included with my 3rd newsletter! Are you signed up? I always include a free cut file!
One morning I sat outside to soak in the sunshine and Rachel came out and joined me.
I took the kids to Pirate's Cove waterpark for the first time and it was a total blast.
It's been awhile since I worked on a hand stitched layout so I started this one.
We drove up into the mountains to Winter Park to check out some of the fun summer activities. I love ski resort towns, they're just so charming!
We rode the chairlift up the mountain three times and took the Alpine slides down.
We rode the new gondola up to the top.
Love all the flowers and pops of color surrounding the lodge at the top.
And more flowers.
We got pizza for lunch in town and then drove back to Highlands Ranch. Fun Saturday with another bucketlist item checked off.
Poor Joey has had a cyst growing on his back for over a year. I took him to the vet last week and she drained it but it filled right back up within a couple days. So we opted to have it surgically removed. The vet texted me this photo/note which I really really appreciated! That's some A+ customer service!
It's been a super fun month filled with lots of activities! Next month be on the lookout for a film through of my latest layout stack. Can't believe it's already been a year since the last flip through!
And come back tomorrow because I'll be announcing my next Cut File Design Team!


  1. Loving all the photos from your month!!! Sounds like you had an amazing one!!!! I just got back from TX and seeing Toy Story 4 with my boy (22 year old boy ... but still! LOL!!), and I CRIED!!!! The ending made me so sad!! And me and the other part of my clan that lives here in AZ with me saw Secret Life of Pets 2 also, and while it wasn't my fave, I LOVED the part when Gidget visited the cat to learn how to become one, and the cat was 'high' from the catnip!!! That cracked me up, especially since they were playing the 'Go Ask Alice'song! LOL!

  2. lovely photos and lovely family. thanks for sharing. your life is full of color just like your layouts and your paper collections. I love it!


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