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Monday, June 1, 2020

There are always lots of big events in May - our anniversary, Mother's Day, and my birthday! Plus great weather! All make for a memorable month. 🌼💐🌸🏵️
Fox has had popcorn every single day of his life since he was two. This day was no exception.
 On Saturday May 2nd it was International Scrapbook Day! I did a live on the American Crafts instagram which you can watch HERE and I also did a live Q&A in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group which you can watch HERE.

I'll never get over this Highlands Ranch view. It always looks different and is always amazing.

 Reminds me of the German countryside with this lighting.
Went to Franktown to get my roots done.
 Mmmmm Crumbl cookies. Treat yo'self.
We celebrated our 13th anniversary on May 8th! These side-by-side photos are of our engagement and last November when we visited the very spot we met. 
So much has happened between then and now! Here is a condensed timeline of our lives together so far:
January 22nd 2004 - we met when we were both 18 years old in an Art History class at BYU. Turns out we lived right across the street from each other! It was meant to be :)
March 2004 - Chris asked me to be his girlfriend!
September 2004-September 2006 - Chris served a mission in Tacloban, Philippines. We kept in touch via letters and emails for two long years!
November 2006 - Chris asked me to marry him!
May 8th 2007 - we got married in the Nauvoo, Illinois temple and honeymooned at Disney World.
May 2007 - we moved into our first apartment in Provo, Utah.
December 2007 - Paige graduated with a BA in Art Education from BYU.
January 2008 - Paige started working at American Crafts as a graphic designer/in-house scrapbooker.
August 2009 - Chris was accepted into Dental School at USC in Los Angeles and joined the US Army. We moved to South Pasadena.
October 2010 - our son Fox was born!
July 2012 - our daughter Jane was born!
We visited Disneyland 88 times in our 4 years living in LA and miss those simpler days!
July 2013 - we moved to Grafenwöhr Germany so Chris could work as a dentist in the Army for 4 years. While living in Germany we took advantage of traveling and visited 43 countries. I blogged about every single trip here:
January 2016 - Paige flew to Los Angeles to release her first collection with Pink Paislee at Creativation!
July 2017 - we moved back to the United States and Chris worked in the Army for one more year at Ft. Lewis near Seattle, close to my family.
July 2018 - Chris found a dental practice in Littleton, Colorado so we packed up and moved once more. We purchased our first home and have been here in Colorado ever since, loving life! It's been a fun 13 years and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Jammies all day, e'ry day.

Strange and uncertain times we live in.

We went to Target to get groceries.
 Finally there was no line at Jamba Juice and the kids were so excited to try it for the first time. Fox liked his. Jane, not so much lol. More for me!

Mother's Day walk soaking up the sunshine. Love these kiddos who call me Mom.
 Our neighbors got a puppy and he's just the cutest thing!

 No wonder Fox wasn't hungry for dinner.
One year ago on May 11th 2019 I reached my fitness goal and I'm happy that I have been able to maintain it this past year. I have started and stopped exercising and eating healthy off and on the past year, especially since being quarantined (hello Phish Food Ben & Jerry's ice cream!), but I'm trying to get on the bandwagon again because, what I've found through this whole process is: when I eat well and exercise I FEEL BETTER. All around. Mentally, physically, emotionally.
The colorful painted stripes still keep me motivated and I added a pop of green in the form of a faux plant.
Bun eating my plant. Caught ya! It's okay, I love the wild buns.
 Oh my goodness Jane had a meltdown of epic proportions at Chris' office for just a regular teeth cleaning! She thought she was getting a cavity filled but no matter what we told her she wouldn't calm down. "If looks could kill she'd be an orphan!"
 After the teeth cleanings we tried a new-to-us place in Littleton called the Bacon Social House. It was yummy. Anything with bacon is though right? :)
 Speaking of food, we got a chicken taco recipe from Chris' sister that she made everyone for dinner at our family reunion last summer and oh me oh my, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for the rest of my life! We also got a Hello Fresh box and cooked up some yummy dinners. Somehow I always ate on the same plate for all three pics even though none of our plates match! What are the chances?!

I've spent a LOT of time reading outside this month. I'm re-reading the Twilight series because...
 Stephenie Meyer is finally releasing Midnight Sun!!(!!!!!) It's Twilight written from Edward's perspective instead of Bella's. I'm so stoked. August 4th can't come soon enough.

I needed a picture of Fox for a layout about him so I got one.
 I spy three doggies! Joey fraternizing with the neighbors.
 OMG her belly!

My constant furry companion. Wherever I go, she goes.
 Fox's friend has a pool which we visited since all our rec center pools are still closed for now.
 Morning snuggles.
 We went over to Tom & Margi's for dinner a lot in May to be with family from near and far.
 Swimming in Nana & Papa's hot tub.

 I needed pictures of Jane for an upcoming layout so we took some.
 "Homeschooling" ended May 22nd thank goodness. Yay for summer!!
One fine day we hiked to the top of High Point and brought Joey.
 Jane | Fox

Panoramic view of the view.

Walking back to the car. Fox was so proud of himself (as were Chris and I!) that he didn't complain once the entire hike!!
  More pics of Fox & Jane from this past month. We go on lots of walks. / A neighbor had a table full of free plushies. / Swimming in Fox's friend's pool. / Gaming together.

Sometimes it rains in the evenings and this particular time Jane went outside to dance, she was so happy about the precipitation.
 Another family dinner at Tom & Margi's.
 I found a robin's egg. I love the color - it's literally robin's egg blue!
 On Memorial Day we attempted to visit a state park called Roxborough, but it was at capacity so we went home and ate our planned picnic lunch at the table and then went for a bike ride.
 The Primary dropped off a set of water balloons which Chris filled and the kids annihilated within 30 seconds. Good memories can be made even in just 30 seconds.
A lot of my family visited Wallace, Idaho over Memorial Day Weekend and my mom took this photo of my dad and his son (my brother) with his own son Wes, and then my uncles (my dad's brothers) with their sons. Such a great family photo! Must be printed and framed for all.
Jane video chatting with her BFF.
 Our local mall has somewhat opened again so we went just to get Mrs. Fields cookies. Two eateries in the food court were opened - one was Charley's, which is actually our favorite of all the offerings, so we got lunch too. The whole experience was so weird. Like a post apocalyptic other world.

On May 28th I turned 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One exclamation mark for every exciting year. 🧁🎂🎊🎉

I couldn't pick between these two birthday selfies so here are both :)

My birthday was a perfect day. We went back to Roxborough State Park and this time we got in.
 The red rocks are so mesmerizing!
 We walked around for about an hour and saw really cool rock formations like at Garden of the Gods and the Red Rocks Amphitheater.
 Panoramic views:

 We stopped at a Sonic on the way home and I got a chili cheese hot dog, why not? It was my birthday :)
 And then Chris helped me pack stencils! Best birthday ever :) I'm serious!

 Restaurants in Colorado are now allowed to have in-person dining at half capacity so at 4pm sharp Chris called and made us a reservation for my birthday at Texas Roadhouse. The cinnamon butter rolls though! It was soooo fun to eat out again.

And, Chris baked me a berry pie for dessert. It was sooooo good.

On the scrappy front: I made a bunch more projects in May, mostly with Bloom Street!
STENCILS ARE HERE! If you pre-ordered them, thank you, and they have shipped! It's not too late to place an order HERE.

I gave away 4 free cut files in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group:

I designed a Bundle of Graduation cut files:

I shared this floral stitching project on instagram:

I finished a floral layout which I'll share here on June 22nd.

Fun to see all the dimension of the layouts from this angle.

Coptic books.

I spent a day wrapping washi tape around tags to help save space.
 My happy place!

May 2020 was gone in a flash! Onto June!

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