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Monday, August 16, 2021

 With every scrapbook collection I create a coptic book and here is the Bungalow Lane edition!

I love making these handmade coptic books and giving them away as gifts and to look pretty on my shelf :) You can use them as diaries, "smash books" or art journals, daily gratitude journals, wedding sign-in books, mother-to-be baby shower books, as a scrapbook, making lists, for instax photos, book reviews, and so much more! I made my December Daily 2017 in one and I think it's my most favorite December Daily to date.

 My absolute favorite part is the exposed binding and tying charms, beads, stickers, pearls tassels, buttons, sequins, and more into the binding as I'm sewing.

This book is 4x6" which is perfect for full-sized photos and smaller memorabilia.

The book lays flat when opened which makes it easy to write & "art" in.

These covers are made from wood that my dad cut and then I was inspired to create another cross-stitch cover like I did for my Turn the Page book.

I created a template in Adobe Illustrator with 400 holes (oh my!). 16 rows, 25 columns. It took about 2 hours to drill all the holes and my arm was sore for days afterwards... So, I will need to invest in a drill press or something to make these covers widely available!

Then I spent 3 days stitching the covers with a cross stitch pattern using 15 colors of thread, two times each. These are the DMC thread colors I used and I stitched with all 6 strands. They perfectly match with Bungalow Lane so I'll be using them lots for more hand stitching projects!

On the front cover I stitched through every cross twice, which means each hole had 8 threads through it, and the holes were too small to accomodate all that thread easily, so I had to use pliers to grab the needle and pull it through every single stitch, which again hurt my hand (labor of love for sure!), so on the back cover I decided to only stitch through once and it only took a few hours to stitch the whole back! Much better! And I think I actually like the cleaner look better. Live and learn!

For the bits & baubles on the spine, I placed Embossed Puffy Stickers back-to-back and punched a tiny hole through them to turn them into charms, Heart CharmsBird Paper Clips, as well as a few colorful beads. I love the eclectic vibes!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of making a cute book completely from scratch!

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I have a limited number of Bungalow Lane coptic bookbinding kits available in my Etsy shop! Grab one before they're gone :)

Sometimes bookbinding supplies, especially wooden boards, can be hard to find and even harder to cut down to size and drill holes without power tools. Take the stress and hassle away with this custom coptic bookbinding kit! Included in this kit:

- one pair of 4x6" wooden covers with the holes already drilled and ready to be painted (a piece of sandpaper is included as well)

- 24 double-sided patterned papers trimmed to size
- piercing / drilling template
- 2 skeins of coordinating thread (color may vary from photo)
- curved needle
- package of puffy stickers (36 stickers - adhere some of these back-to-back and punch a tiny hole through them to turn them into custom charms!)
- 8-page sticker book (208 stickers)
- 11 beads
- 2 acrylic butterfly charms (color may vary from photo)
- 2 tassels (color may vary from photo)
- 50 floral/leaf/butterfly die cuts
- 4 heart charms
- 5 bird paper clips
- 1 pushpin for use as a paper piercer

I always love seeing your versions of coptic books! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. This is beautiful and may be the best way for me to get your bungalow lane collection.

  2. That book is beautiful and a labor of love for sure! I am inspired to get the wood panels I bought from your Etsy site a while back and make another book...but maybe I'll just cross stitch one of the pages inside!

  3. So beautiful Paige! Stunning really. I think it would be awesome to have these pre manufactured... maybe with your next collection. It would be a huge time saver and I think many people would love to have them! From one AC artist to another :)

  4. The love you pour into these coptic books is really inspiring. I feel like a bad scrapper, having bought your kit ages ago but not finished mine. I think I'm stalled on the cover. I've painted, but then sanded off the cover twice. I even used some of the papers in a layout. LOL ! Clearly I need a plan and love the stitching you've done. Beautiful inspiration xK

  5. Paige can you provide the Adobe file for the cover? I did purchase the kit and would like to give it a try. Thanks, Pattie

  6. HI! I would love a pdf of the cover to drill holes. I purchased the kit and the coptic book class and def want to give this a try! Thank you!

    1. Hi Amber! Can you send me an email and I'll send you the pdf :) My email is paigetaylorevans@gmail.com Thank you!


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