August 2022 Highlights

Thursday, September 1, 2022

 Here's what we were up to August 2022! The biggest news is we welcomed a new fur baby into our family - meet Sandy the Ragdoll!

She's not cute at all :) :) :) 

Just kidding, she's THE cutest!

After losing Jill so suddenly, we were just done using Friends names for our pets so we let Fox & Jane pick her name. They chose Sandy. Funnily enough there is a person on Friends named Sandy, Freddie Prinze Jr.'s character, he's the manny for Ross & Rachel's daughter Emma. Can't escape it even when we try :)

As hard as we tried to not get attached too quickly (we were just so sad and scared), she wormed her way into our hearts immediately.

I mean, how you can you not?
It took Amy a few days to adapt to Sandy. They're not as close as twin sisters, more like older sister/younger sister siblings, but they do play and have fun together. I hope they'll snuggle and love each other as fiercely as Amy & Jill did some day.
Time to cuddle!
Up to no good!
Copycats hehe.
I got 1.5 kitties!
Our pet sitter always sends us pics when we're gone and I love them.
I spy a silly Amy.
I just really love my cats! Now to the rest of us :)

The week before school started we went to the pool one last time.

It was an amazing summer of reading and relaxation.
In March 2020 I gave our main floor bathroom a superficial facelift. The peel and stick wallpaper isn't sticking anymore so we got a bid from our contractor to give it a real updo soon.
Here is my vision board for these three items:
Our orthodontist hosted a night at Pirate's Cove. Thankfully this year the weather held out and we got to stay the entire 2 hours instead of 2 minutes like last year due to lightning. Super fun!
Me and Chris, two lovebirds :)
Back to schooooool!
Jane is in 5th grade and Fox is in 6th grade. How? Just how?!
Fox and his besties.
I print these pictures out and put them in a Dr. Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go" book and have the teachers write them notes at the end of the year. A custom yearbook if you will.

I got bit or stung by something! It was numb and tingly and I was scared and didn't know if I should go to the ER. My dad talked me down and said I'd be okay and he was right. A few days later it was back to normal. I would love to know what type of pest did this to me! I try to be so nice to all living creatures, why they gotta treat me like this lol.
First mum of the season!
Jane brought one of the layouts I've made for her to school for bio day.
The hibiscus Haylie gave me for my birthday is blooming & beautiful.
Tom & Margi had their 50th wedding anniversary and asked me to do the decorations. Margi printed this sign and I dressed it up a bit with crepe paper flowers.
Flowers in their wedding colors for table centerpiece bouquets.
The twinkle lights absolutely took this place from 0 to 100!
Team work makes the dream work!
Darling Jane with lipstick to match her pretty dress :)
All ready for the guests!
Congratulations Tom & Margi on 50 years of wedded bliss!
Fox was at Outdoor Ed so he missed the festivities.
Look at these swallow nests and the 5 baby birds perched all in a row!
Haylie and Jay catered Spaghetti Factory for dinner, mmmm.
Dance like nobody's watching!
Fox had a great time at Outdoor Ed but we sure missed him! It's hard not to see him or talk to him AT ALL for 2 whole days!
Colorado afternoon thunderstorm rollin' in.
Rainbows and vanilla bean frappuccinos.
Jane had her very first tennis lesson. She rocked it!
I've been holding out for anything pumpkin at Crumbl and at last they had it on the menu!
We saw two movies in the theater together, Bullet Train (not really for me) and Fall which was AMAZING.
I flew to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her new baby Zula! You can read the entire recap of that trip HERE.
Then the very next weekend we flew to Tulsa to see our favorite band: Cartel! Oh, and we're now besties with them ;) You can read the whole story and recap HERE.

On the scrappy front! 

I shared 7 projects here in August, that's pretty good!

All Star Kid Layout // Summer 2021 Layout // You Color My Life Layout
Love Love Love Love You Layout // Flower-Shaped Mini Album // Crafty Friends are the Best Friends Layout
Cards for Kindness

Behind the scenes I made 10 layouts and 5 mini albums for my upcoming 10 Virtual Classes for September-December 2022! Even after 21 years of scrapping, it still brings me so much joy. I had a smile on my face the entire time I was standing at my desk creating these projects. I just love scrapbooking sooooo much!!
I gave away 8 free cut files in August: 5 in my Happy Scrappy Place FB group and 3 in my Newsletters.
I got to meet up with sweet Jessica (boss babe behind Color Cast Designs) to pick up my acrylic globe stands!
I designed the prototype in Illustrator, cut it from chipboard, then she cut them from acrylic. You can purchase the virtual class from me HERE!
Working on my PaigePals3 projects and the 3D Globe Mini Album with my little helper :)
I scribble notes on the kit papers to help me out when I'm ordering extra supplies and writing the final instructions.
PaigePals3 kits ready to go to their new homes :)
I taught back-to-back virtual classes one Saturday August showing how to make the layouts and mini album we created at our Splendid Weekend event. Super excited about our upcoming Garden Shoppe Weekend!
Making the layouts (find the class HERE!).
Making the mini album (find the class HERE!).
Another project that kept me busy was prepping & packing all 200+ kits and cutting/weeding the freebies for the She Loves Color event in October! Everyone will get a pre-cut heart-shaped SLC cut file and you can grab the "Crafty Friends" cut file at the make-and-take night!
She Loves Color kits are off to Wisconsin!
August was filled with travel, family, food, friends, and tons of scrapping! Just the way I like it :)
Looking forward to a great September 2022!

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  1. Sheesh, I think you didn't enough, ha! Loved every itty-bitty-kitty photo, Sandy is a cutie! The baby swallows are adorbs too, what a great photo! The colour mix from Margi and Tom's wedding is a complete delight, you did an amazing job with the decorations, it all looked so pretty. The venue looks amazing being open air! I'm really glad I got to meet Jessica in Denver, what a great girl! I love your baby nieces name, 'Zula' ! Well off I go to do some of my own scrapping. This is always fun! Toodles.


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