September 2022 Highlights

Saturday, October 1, 2022

 Here's what we were up to in September 2022!

One of Chris's partner's patients is the mom of the Director of Communications for the Colorado Avalanche and it was his turn with the Stanley Cup so she invited anyone who wanted to come to check it out at her home! Um, let me think.... heck yeah!!!

Getting closer! Look at this turnout! There were cops posted on every corner in case anyone tried to make a break for it with the cup lol.
I can see it I can see it!
Fun displays of Avalanche merch, photos, and info all around.
Our family (and Fox's best friend and huge Avs fan, Bradee) on Saturday September 17th 2022 in Littleton, Colorado.
The Stanley Cup! Chris is finding the names from when the Avs last won in 2001.
We saw two movies in theater in September: Top Gun (again - still soooo good!) and See How They Run (strange lol).
The newest set of blind bag Lego minifigures! I get them as a set on ebay, easy peasy, no guessing required.
We have every single set (except some Mariokart and Vidiyo ones I think) and store them on these DIY shelves in the basement.
Now onto kitties! They're a huge part of our lives :)
Always by my side.
Sandy is SO FLOOFY!
She slept here for a good hour.
After about a month break, I got back into reading the full set of Nicholas Sparks books in order of publication. This is #9 of 22 and actually now 23 since his newest book just released in September and yes I bought it :)
We went down to Crave in Castle Rock and I got a yummy milkshake.
One afternoon we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and then went to Yogurtland for dessert.
Chris made delicious French toast for breakfast one Sunday morning.
The kids didn't have school one Friday so we went to Mod Pizza for lunch.
Official school photos for the '22-'23 year.
We had parent/teacher conferences and Jane & Fox pointed out their amazing artwork.
We started piano lessons with a new teacher and while one is at lessons I walk with the other around the beautiful pathways.
Jane and her friend got into Jane's scrapbooking box and bejeweled themselves :) Too cute.
Time for our annual family photos!
We opted for a classic Colorado backdrop this year - that's the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in the distance.
Sneak peek! Can't wait to receive them!
Halloween shows have started! EEEEK!!!

On the scrappy front, I shared three projects here on the blog in September:
Rainbow Mini Album // Garden Shoppe Coptic Book & Kits // Layered Hearts MemoryDex Card

I gave away 9 free cut files in August: 3 in my Happy Scrappy Place FB group, 3 for Scrapbook & Cards Today, and 3 in my Newsletters.

I posted info about my PaigePals3 virtual classes - all the info can be found HERE.

I'm publishing a book with Better Day Books!!! We have to wait until June 28th 2023 but you can pre-order it from Amazon HERE or I will also have signed copies available for purchase directly from my shop. We're still actively working on it, in fact as soon as I publish this blog post I'm going to start editing the manuscript. The cover and projects featured inside are done and I'm sooooo excited about it and this amazing opportunity with Better Day Books and also to EttaVee for connecting me with the publisher!

It was #1 on Amazon for a day hehe :)

More exciting news!!! I get to have a Paige Evans Christmas collection with American Crafts next year!!!

We're in the beginning stages of designing, stay tuned!!!

Right after I finished sending out PaigePals3 kits, my Garden Shoppe order arrived! Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of receiving the palette of product, opening the boxes, and counting/opening it all.
Then it was time to make full collection kits.
After making full collection kits I made Garden Shoppe Bookbinding Kits which are still available.
This is where I store things in the basement.
Then it was time to find DMC threads that match with Garden Shoppe.
Here they are!
Behind the scenes I made two double-page spreads (I know right!!??!!) for my upcoming virtual class with Crop & Create.
After those samples I made the projects for our upcoming in-person Garden Shoppe Weekend event! Find more info and register HERE.
I taught FOUR virtual classes in September! I think that's a record for me! The first was two layouts for the Pinkfresh Studio Create and Connect virtual scrapbooking event. I'm also going to teach at their next virtual scrapbooking event in May so watch the Pinkfresh Studio instagram for all the details.
Craftermath from that event.
Next I taught my September Mini Album class which was a Rainbow-shaped album and can still be purchased HERE.
An hour after the mini album class I taught my September Layouts class and that can still be purchased HERE.
The next morning I taught a special class for a group of friends mostly in the Philippines! I'll be teaching those layouts again on Sunday November 13th which you can purchase and register for HERE.
In a couple weeks I'm teaching at the in-person She Loves Color event and Andrea and I found at our in-person Splendid Weekend event that it was super helpful having a projector with a webcam showing our hands creating the projects. I'd love to repeat that for any/all in-person events so I spent so much time figuring out how to get the mirror image (which is actually NOT mirrored, but the reality!). Why oh why is the default for all cameras to be mirrored? Who wants their handwriting and hands and face mirrored? I'll never understand. Luckily, I found an app (after searching and googling and reading reddit for over an hour) called Quick Camera which fixed it super easily! Thank you Quick Camera! Now if only Apple would put things to plug things into back on their laptops lol.
After figuring out the webcam, I got started making the MemoryDex trays for our swap at Garden Shoppe Weekend!
I'm getting a head start on 2023 kits & classes - two palettes of product just arrived! Now who wants to come help me open and unpack it all? :)
And now, dear friends, I finally get to work on my October 2021 AND 2022 mini album! I didn't make one last year, I lost my mojo after my cats ate my cut files. But now I'm pumped and ready!
Looking back at the time I worked on my very first October mini album (for the year 2014) while aboard the Serenade of the Seas in 2015. Doesn't everyone bring pretty paper and stickers on vacation? :)
New bootiful supplies from Shadnee and cut files from my 20 Halloween Cut Files 2021!
First step: print photos! I submitted them to Walgreens and 21 minutes later they were ready. Boom!
Can't wait to add 2 more mini albums to this pile!
Bring on OCTOBER!

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  1. Whew! What a month! It all looked fun and amazing. I spotted your Canadian sockies in one photo and went, "oooh" 😀 The Stanley Cup is cool but let's get to those kitties, LOL! I can't ever get enough of them, man oh man, they're cute! The family photo you shared is beyond beautiful. Will you mini make an album of them sometime? I've been trying to figure out an app for MAC os that can reflect what I'm doing in front of my phone camera. Since my phones a Samsung not an iPhone, I haven't figured that out. Apple doesn't make it easy, GAK! Yah for getting your techie gear running harmoniously! So much fun here, cheers dear! 🧡


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