October 2022 Highlights

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

 Here's what we were up to October 2022!

Every year we get our family photos taken and we got this year's done with the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater in the background.

October 1st means wearing Halloween attire all month long.

I've waited 29 years for a sequel to Hocus Pocus! At last it arrived on Disney+.
Chills when the Sanderson Sisters arrived :)
While Chris was out golfing I took the kids to breakfast at McDonald's.
We went on a date night during a crazy storm and then a rainbow appeared.
We tried White Chocolate Grill which was yummy.
Target parking lot sunset.
Halloween crafts at Nana's.
On October 2nd we decked the halls with all our spooktacular things.
This year we got a new table runner and light strand for the banister.
Lego haunted houses.
A favorite tradition is going to Spirit Halloween and seeing all the creepy ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, and more.
Fun rainbow hat.
Mod Pizza for dinner.
Chris bought Jane a Starbies vanilla bean frap and I brought it to her at school and she was soooo happy.
During Fox's piano lessons Jane and I walk to a local park and back.
I was gone on Fox's 12th birthday teaching so we video chatted the morning of.
I watched virtually as Fox opened his presents.
We went to Disney World! You can read all about our visit HERE.
Can't wait to go back again, maybe once the new TRON ride is up and running :)
Fox wanted to be an inflatable Pikachu for Halloween so I scoured the internet and finally found one for cheap. When it arrived, we had THE BEST time blowing it up.
So funny, I can't even handle it.
Best costume ever.
My little sister made her 3 kids trick-or-treat bags and they were just so cute I wanted some for Fox & Jane so I commissioned her to make a pair. Bootiful, bewitching, and spooktacular! Eeek! 
Maybe my best batch of cupcakes yet :)
One afternoon I took the kids to Target and Jane wanted a pumpkin spice frap and they could and did make it without coffee and the coffee taste and it was so good! I've been missin' out all these years!
The powder bathroom is coming along! New floor tile, shower tile, and vanity have been installed, now we wait for the wallpaperer before finishing it up. I'm so excited!
Jane decided last month, after I made the suggestion, that she did in fact want to be a Cereal Killer for Halloween and the day she needed to wear it I finally made it. Talk about last minute! But it all worked out and I had a total blast creating her costume.
I needed a few more cereal boxes and at King Soopers I saw these bewitching boo-quets with fiber optic lights! Yes please!!
Time for the drive-thru trunk-or-treat at the high school!
Lipstick makes her look so grown up!
Both the Pikachu and Cereal Killer costumes were a smashing success. It was so fun for them to get so many outcries and "awesome costume"s!
And they always get sooooo much candy! Even before actual trick-or-treating.
I cracked my first tooth, we think from clenching. Luckily I know a guy ;)
The kids didn't have school on Halloween (teacher work day... should be November 1st IMHO lol) so they had the parade the Friday before. Jane couldn't wear her Cereal Killer costume so we found this witch costume that we actually bought last year but didn't arrive in time. Perfect!
I love my Fox & Jane. I mean Pikachu and Witch!
Fox lead the parade.
Friends helping him up the stairs.
Bootiful Jane.
The Saturday before Halloween we had a joint birthday party with Fox's best friend. His friend's dad owns a car dealership so he got the hook ups to a huge van for all of us to fit in.
Da boys!
We went to a place called Slick City filled with all kinds of extreme slides. I mean, look at the air Fox and Jane got!!
I went on a few but got a little hurt so I didn't try any of the tooooo extreme ones.
Super duper fun!
Afterwards we came back to our house to eat cake and ice cream and open presents.
Happy birthday Fox!!
We saw 3 movies in the theater: Halloween Ends (I liked it), Smile (it was entertaining), and Ticket to Paradise (I looooooved it! Best ending scene ever!). We also watched The Watcher on Netflix which I feel wildly unsatisfied with lol.
I listened to a lot of Morbid podcasts.

Can't forget about THE KITTIES!

Amy & Sandy are my preciouses.

It was so hard for me to leave them for a whole entire week. As Chris drove me to the airport I was crying. I did all I could do to make sure they wouldn't die while I was gone but after what happened with Jill I really even still have a hard time leaving home, ever, even for short amounts of time. Anyway, hopefully time helps.
Amy playing with the Halloween tree ornaments.
They're always where I am, wanting in on the action.
Sandy is sooo fluffy. I've never had a floofy cat before! She got spayed at the end of October, I'm so glad it went okay.
Amy is sweet as can be.
Kitty on my left. Kitty on my right.
And then of course Halloween night! Bradee came along with us as a Plague Doctor.
Happy girl :)
My rule is we have to wait until we get our first trick-or-treater before we can go trick-or-treating ourselves. The first ones arrived around 5:45pm then off we went!
After about 45 minutes Fox was having a hard time because he could hardly walk so we came back home for an outfit change then we went back out for round 2.
He wore his Five Nights at Freddy's costume from last year and all's well that ends well :) They got lots of candy!!

ON THE SCRAPPY FRONT: I shared 10 projects I made here in October. From left to right: 

Love This Layout // Cool Kids Layout // October 2021 Mini Album // 2x2x3 Mini Album // Crafty Friends Layout
She Loves Color Layout // Home Sweet Home Layout // Besties Layout // Beautiful Smile Layout // Happy Halloween Layout

I made and shared 7 free cut files in October: 3 in my Newsletters, 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today, and 3 in my Happy Scrappy Place FB group.

I taught my virtual October classes! First, a mini album class which you can find HERE.

And then an hour later a layouts class which you can find HERE.
Mid October I taught in-person at the She Loves Color event in Milwaukee, WI! You can read all about it HERE.
Next month is our in-person Garden Shoppe Weekend event! It is sold out, so stay tuned for more events - I post about any and all events HERE. We needed to add a few more things to the kits so Chris, my knight in shining armor, helped me do that.
So excited for our event! Here is a sneak peek of our projects:

Most of October was spent working on my October not-so-daily mini album from 2021 & 2022.

I lost my mojo last year after Amy & Jill ate my cut files, but come October 1st of this year I busted out all my Halloween supplies and documented exactly how I created this album in an Instagram Highlight.
Some of my favorite pages from this album:
Patterned paper tabs! You can purchase this cut file HERE.
I took some time to arrange all my die cuts so I can find what I need faster.
I finished up my October 2021 Mini Album then got right to work on 2022! I prepped a few hand stitched pages. 
My favorite view.
2021 on the left, 2022 on the right. I get most of my charms from Emily Inspired Designs.
When I'm not working on these albums, I store everything in two cubbies on my standing desk.
TODAY the 20 Days of Autumn Cut Files begins and goes through November 20th! Sign up HERE to receive a daily exclusive fall-themed cut file right to your inbox!
Sneak peek of the projects created with the 20 Days of Autumn Cut Files!
Check back every day for inspiration by me and my design teams using them!
Here's to a wonderful month full of thanks in November!

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