November 2022 Highlights

Thursday, December 1, 2022

 Here's our November 2022 at a glance. Sadly our heartache continues as we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Joey.
He's been a good dog the past 13+ years and we feel a hole in our hearts and home without his presence.

He was deaf, blind, and kidneys were failing so we had Caring Pathways come to our home and give compassionate passing care.
It was and still is so hard.

So much loss in our family the past 16 months with Rachel, Jill, and now Joey. And Amy and Sandy have a parasite and have been very sick. Honestly, my heart absolutely cannot take any more, I've been a wreck ever since Rachel passed and I feel like it just keeps going.


We found out Jane is near-sighted and needs glasses. She looks so cute!

Twirling at church.
Fox started basketball with his bestie.
He made a basket in the first game! Go Fox!!
My friend Zsoka sent me a signed copy of Sam Heughan's book Waypoints!
The weekend before Thanksgiving we started decking the halls. This year Chris put up and decorated the tree all by himself and I must say it looks fantastic! Way better than I could ever do it!
I made my one dish that I contribute to Thanksgiving: sweet potato casserole.
We went to Tom & Margi's for Thanksgiving dinner and it was all set up so beautifully.
Snapshots from Thanksgiving.
Our family on Thanksgiving Day 2022!
We finished decorating for Christmas.
We continued our tradition of watching Klaus together as a family on Thanksgiving night and a few nights later we watched Christmas with the Kranks. I hope we get to watch lots more movies together throughout December.
I display all of our family Christmas cards every year. It's fun to watch the collection grow. 2022's will be added soon!
We were nuts and went to the mall on Black Friday. I dunno what we were thinking, it was so crowded.
The food court was so packed we never found a table to eat our lunch, so we sat by the fireplace.
That night we went to the Candlelight Walk in downtown Littleton.
Such a cute Main Street!
The parade was perfectly short and sweet.
My favorite were these lit slugbugs.
The parade ended with Santa of course!
Before going back to the car we popped into an ice cream shop for dessert.
Fun photo op in the restaurant.
The last Saturday in November we went to Cherry Creek Mall and then got lunch at Cherry Cricket - it was yummy!
Once a year we measure the kids and I have an annual reminder on my calendar. The day arrived and we measured how much Fox and Jane have grown in the same place the previous owners measured their kids.
Me throughout the month when I actually get dressed :)
Chris made our own Thanksgiving dinner so we can have lots of leftovers, yay!

As usual, my cats were the most photographed subjects in November.

Anywhere Amy goes, Sandy is sure to follow.

Look carefully and you can see the bunny on the top left AND the squirrel on the top right. I love all the nature we get in our backyard and so do the kitties.

Two peas in a pod. Except Sandy is only 7 months old and is already bigger than Amy lol.

Jane took this picture of sweet Amy and then edited it :)

Super snuggler Sandy!
Kitties comforting me after Joey's passing.
Double decker kitties.
Unfortunately, Sandy started vomiting and there was blood in her stool so we rushed her to a vet. They did some tests but the bloody stool continued over that weekend so we rushed her to a new vet where they also did more extensive tests. They found a parasite that they think she's had since the breeder and Amy is now infected too. She was diagnosed November 14th and yet, even as I write this on November 30th, we still don't have their medication - even with it being overnighted Amy's meds have been lost. It's been an unbelievable process trying to get them. I can't even. But hopefully they'll be here soon and we can get our kitties back to healthy and happy felines.
Jane wrote me this sweet note when we were in the thick of trying to figure out what was wrong with Sandy:
Even when she was sooooo sick she wanted to be present and happy, but it was hard for her.
The second we put up the Christmas tree, Amy climbed up it. Can you see her?
She makes the cutest ornament :) These were all taken on different nights. She climbs up and down and up and down with ease.
Sandy likes sleeping on the tree skirt but has yet to try climbing.
I can't tell you how many times a day I have to upright fallen trees lol.
Long and lanky Amy.
I love my cute kitties soooo much.

We saw one movie in the theater: Glass Onion (entertaining!) and watched Derry Girls Season 3 (so funny!) and Pepsi, Where is My Jet on Netflix (fascinating!) amongst other shows. I have a long list of shows I watch/listen to throughout the days as I scrap and when I need a little break.

On the scrappy front: I shared quite a few projects (12 to be exact!) here in November, yippee! That's pretty good :) From left to right:

October 2022 Mini Album // Happiness Here Layout // I Love U Layout
Your Smile Layout // The Sweetest Thing Layout // 3D Globe Mini Album
Happy Girls Layout // Sun and Fun Layout // Elastic Cording Mini Album
Beautiful You Layout // Origami Butterflies Layout // Garden Shoppe Weekend Layout

I made and shared 5 free cut files in November: 2 in my Newsletters, 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today, and 2 in my Happy Scrappy Place FB group:

I taught 5 virtual classes in November!

First, two double-page layouts (I know right?!? Me?!? Doing double-page layouts?! Miracles happen lol.) for the Crop & Create November Papercrafting event with Scrapbook & Cards Today!

Next I taught my virtual PaigePals3 November classes! First, a 3D Globe Mini Album class which you can find HERE.

And then an hour later I taught my November PaigePals3 Layouts class which you can find HERE.

The following day I taught a bonus Layouts class using Splendid which you can find HERE.

Amy wanted to join this class :)

And then an hour later I taught a bonus Elastic Cording Mini Album class which you can find HERE.

From November 1st-20th I sent out an email with an exclusive Autumn-themed cut file! You can now purchase the entire bundle HERE or individually in my shop HERE.

Emily Inspired Designs sent me THE CUTEST Halloween charms! Be sure to check her shop often for more of the world's cutest charms!
We had our latest and greatest in-person event called Garden Shoppe Weekend with over 45 friends from all around the world! Read the entire recap of the event HERE and find out about my next in-person events HERE.
I had a few days between assignments so I got to work on my December Daily 2022 cover! First I purchased this bundle of cross stitch fabric on Amazon. The colors are so perfectly Christmas! Of course I chose the pink for the front cover :) Then I used the forest green for the back.
All the DMC embroidery threads I used.
I think I spent about 24 hours over the course of a week stitching and I based my design on two patterns from Diana Watters Handmade Etsy Shop - Scandinavian Meadow and Midnight Marigolds.
Ta-da!! I hope to have my December Daily 2022 done by the New Year so check back after Christmas for the reveal! Also, I can't wait to use my own Paige Evans Christmas collection next year! It's almost finished and I looooooooove it sooooooo much!
On Giving Tuesday I posted a giveaway on my Instagram! It's not too late to enter - I pick a random winner tomorrow!
From now until the end of December I'll be working on my PaigePals4 projects so stay tuned for all the info about kits and classes! Help me clear this all out :)

Here's to an upcoming merry Christmas and happy New Year!


  1. Hello lovely 💗 I'm sorry you've had to say goodbye to Joey. Man that is one of the hardest things ever. Nice that you were able to be at home. We also had the vet visit us for this. I think it was less stressful for our doggo, but unfortunately, there's no way to ease our own pain. Arms around you all.
    I love all your photos with the kitty's! Hoping (as your Jane bravely says) everything will be A-ok. Just beyond dear to help ease your worry.
    Your month looked action packed as always :D The fun times temper the sad and thank goodness for that hey. Christmas looks beautiful at your home, have a wonderful December! 💗K

  2. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Joey. Pets are family! We lost our dear dachshund Casey in August. Never cried so hard in my life, and we've lost brothers, parents and in-laws. May happy memories bring you peace.


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