Sugarplum Wishes Weekend Recap

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

On Saturday & Sunday November 11th & 12th 2023, Andrea and I taught our fourth in-person event here in Colorado called Sugarplum Wishes Weekend! It was our biggest and bestest event yet!
Right after Garden Shoppe Weekend back in November 2022 we began preparing for our next event. We posted this save the date in February to get everyone excited!
On March 31st we opened registration. Within a few hours we sold out and felt bad that many people couldn't come. So we quickly found a solution and opened up even more spots. In the end almost 100 people signed up!
In August we went live to show the kit contents and talk about the MemoryDex Swap.
In September & October we created our class samples. I made a 12x12 layout, double-page spread, 5x7" mini album, two cards, and two bonus 12x12 pages.
Andrea filled the entire 6x8 Album with spreads and made two 12x12 layouts.
Jessica Upton from Color Cast Designs was the bonus teacher and made a cute spread to go into the album!
In September Chris helped me put all the kits together.
Everything got moved into the basement storage and eventually spilled out and took over the entire house as the event got closer and sponsors started sending their goodies!
Throughout the months leading up to the event everyone made MemoryDex Cards for the swap. Here are mine:
Kelly's cute cards!
Two days before the event Andrea drove to Colorado from Omaha and Tasha came over to make buttons, open boxes of extra goodies, and count all the things. It was a fun day of prepwork!
The day before the event we drove up to the hotel and spent all day setting up and making it magical! This is what it looked like in the beginning, only tables and chairs.
And this is what it looked like in the afternoon - minus a few more goodies we added the next morning!
The girls made a super cute & festive balloon arch photo op as usual!
Such adorable balloons!!!
Now all that was left to do was open the doors and let everyone in!!
I hardly slept Friday night in anticipation of Saturday! I drove up early in the morning with another car full of last minute goodies. We put the final pieces out on the tables and prepped the MemDex Swap tables.
Let's do this!!
Kicking off the event!
My heart is full.
After an hour for shopping and settling in my first class began!
This might be the only project most people finished 100% ;)
Before taking our group photo, Janelle gave out her amazing handmade journals to every single person. The amount of time and effort and love that went into making 100 of these Christmas junk journals is absolutely astounding.
Janelle is simply the sweetest with the biggest heart.
Before breaking for lunch we took group pics!
Lindsay gave everyone a pair of cute Christmas glasses!
After lunch I taught my mini album class followed by the cards! Phew!!
Fun-filled day!!
A HUUUUUUGE thank you to Chasity and Lynette from American Crafts for all they donated to the event!! Without these ladies, none of this would be possible! They've made my dreams come true in more ways than one!
The rest of the evening was open crop time.
I slept really good Saturday night :) The next day was Andrea's turn teaching all day so I was able to walk around and soak it all in.
Andrea's amazing mini album display.
My sale & display table.
Some of my scrapbooks & mini albums.
Paula G & Kelly B of Crafty Me brought a pop-up shop!
Throughout the first day and second morning people added their swap cards to the blush pink MemDex spinners.
The time and effort that went into the cards is incredible.
Isn't this an amazing sight to behold?!
In the afternoon of the 2nd day everyone chose their spinner to take home.
Keeping busy!
Whenever we had a spare moment we would take pics with friends under the balloon arch.
As things wound down on the second day and some people started heading home, Chasity and Lynette gave away 17 Print Makers!!
Jennifer so sweetly gave hers to Janelle.
Andrea and I received these AMAZING handmade charms by Daisy Lu Designs to match Sugarplum Wishes.
Another look at the Daisy Lu Designs charms - be still my heart!
Jessica couldn't make it so Lindsay taught her super cute spread as the final workshop.
Marilyn was there in spirit!
Closing out the evenings!
And then in the blink of an eye the event came to an end, we hugged, and said our goodbyes! I can't think of one thing I'd change, it was the perfect event :)
Thank you SO MUCH to all our sponsors for their generous donations!
This was me the entire week following the event :)
Already working on plans for 2024 - stay tuned!!!

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