December 2023 Highlights

Monday, January 1, 2024

Here's what we were up to in December 2023!
Festive berries growing in our yard to ring in the first day of December.
Chris' work party took place in the Denver Tech Center and I loved the lit tree-lined streets.
We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went to a comedy club.
The next night we went on another date to the mall and Perry's. 
We drove downtown as a family to see The Nutcracker Ballet.
The Ellie Caulkins Opera House was full of enthusiastic ballet goers.
Ourselves included!
Waiting for the show to begin.
During intermission Chris and Jane went to get a drink and Fox & I checked out the orchestra.
Beautiful venue.
As always, the performance was awe-inspiring.
Walking back to the car, I asked them to stop and let me take a pic in front of this grand building.
I got a golden ticket!!!!
The whole Casa Bonita saga is a crazy tale! I went with Chris and his family way back in 2004 when we first started dating and drove over from Provo, UT. It was a fun experience! We went as a family a few years ago when it was still open. And then it closed in 2020 as many places did. The creators of South Park who are from Colorado bought it and renovated it and it re-opened in May 2023 on an invitation only basis. I've submitted my email several times over the last few months in hopes of getting an invitation and FINALLY I awoke one morning in November to an email in my in-box! We picked a date in December specifically so I could add it to my December Daily :)
A few weeks before our date I bought Jane and I matching pepto bismol pink sweatshirts which I've practically lived in ever since because it's soooo comfy!
I love this iconic pink building that is Casa Bonita.
The re-done interior is fantastic.
We invited Tom & Margi along for the fun.
The food is much better now with a top chef!
Our table overlooked the waterfall which was cool.
We got to see the divers a few times, always entertaining!
After dinner we walked around to see all the things and stopped to watch a silly magic show.
Details from Casa Bonita.
The little museum was fascinating. All about the pink.
Thanks to the South Park guys for preserving this Colorado landmark!
Grandma's Chicken Curry for dinner one night, always a favorite.
The kids and I watching baking shows in bed.
Instead of staying a night at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel this year we opted to just visit the exhibits.
Fun photo ops.
This year it was ICE featuring A Christmas Story.
Jane got a cinnamon roll and a plushie.
A few nights later we made our annual visit to the Hazard's Gingerbread House! It was featured on ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight! They lost to a drone show thing but we all think they should have won.
I'll never get over this amazing house.
We even got to meet and chat with Mr. Hazard and pet his sweet doggies! He's such a nice guy.
Wrapping party. I don't like wrapping presents lol so Chris does it all.
I watched a new to me Christmas movie on Netflix which I enjoyed and will be adding it to my "watch annually" list - A Castle for Christmas!
One Saturday for lunch we drove to Cherry Creek Mall to eat at Cherry Cricket.
I got the special - a Partridge in a Pear Tree with 5 Golden Onion Rings, yummy and clever!
We stopped by the Giving Machines and made a donation.
Love when strangers take our pic lol :)
We visited the Holiday Market.
We saw Wonka in the theater, super cute movie.
I got this sequin skirt on sale from Anthro after Christmas last year and was excited to wear it for the first time to church.
After church I wanted some family pics.
Jane got a 12-day macaron advent calendar from Honey B's and there was one snowman shaped and oh-so-cute!
We did our Christmas Adam tradition a few days early due to various schedule conflicts. All 4 Taylor families in their various homes in Seattle, Vegas, and Denver ordered Thai food and we ate together on zoom then read from the Coming of Christ book. Always love this evening!
The next morning Jane and I made cupcakes. She ate two lol.
Instead of an overnight at the Gaylord we opted for a staycation at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs! We drove up the day before Christmas Eve. The Broadmoor was ranked the #5 festive hotel to visit during the holidays in the USA! I believe it!
View from our room.
Our family at The Broadmoor.
It's truly a gorgeous setting.
Snippets from our visit.
15 minutes of pool time before it closed lol. Now we know for next time ;)
Nighty night!
The next morning was Christmas Eve!
We walked around a bit again to check out the decorations and get a few snacks before heading home.
My jacket totally matched the wallpaper!
As we drove home it was snowing. We got a white Christmas!
Chris made is usual yummy Christmas Eve feast!
And then we went to Tom & Margi's for the Nativity in the Barn.
Fox was the tax collector.
Jane was Mary.
Jane placing the baby Jesus in a manger.
We sing songs and read about the birth of Jesus.
And then we played The Bag Game and got lots of candy.
That evening after setting out the treasure hunt clues and getting the stockings ready we fell asleep to X-Files episode How the Ghosts Stole Christmas  - it's tradition!
Christmas morning! These candy bars were from Target and crack me up.
Opening stockings.
Fox & Jane were pleased with their presents.
Merry Christmas!
It's no secret that I take more photos of my cats than anything else and I wouldn't have it any other way!
1) While I was in the basement sorting supplies the kitties were there keeping me company. 2) Snuggling on the blanket on my desk. 3) Su"purr"visors. 4) Can Amy even breathe in there?! :) 5) They're always watching me or are near me. Can't lose sight of their food source! 6) Christmas morning as the kids were opening stockings they wanted to be in on the action happening in Fox's room too of course!
Amy makes the best soft & smooshy pillow for Sandy.
Sandy Mandy is just soooo cute I can't even!!
1) When she hears Chris bring up Triscuits and string cheese she comes a'runnin'! 2) Watching over Fox while he built this year's Christmas Lego. 3) Streeeeetch! 4) Curious about me walking on the treadmill. 5) So furry she's blurry! 6) Supervising me opening product. 7) Chilling on the counter. 8) Using a rug ruffle as her pillow under the bed. 9) Thinking she's important on a pile of papers.
Purrrfect angel.
Amy is a great snuggler and kept me company while I was sick with a bug.
1) Watching over me as I opened product. 2) Snoozing while I photographed. 3) Boxes make the best toys. 4) Fence? What fence? Can't keep me out! 5) Queen of the Mountain. 6) Christmas morning, she wanted to be important. 7) Another box picture cuz it's too cute. 8) Sitting atop a paper pile. 9) I spy Amy in the the mess.
Onto the recap of all the scrappy things that happened this past month! I shared 4 projects in December - click the links to see them in-depth:
Over 150 layouts and projects were created by me, my design team, and guest designers, featuring all the cut files! AMAZING!
A palette with supplies for PaigePals6, PaigePals7, the Crop in Orlando, and my Caribbean Cruise & Crop arrived!! Aiming to release PP6 to alumni on February 20th!
I opened all the boxes, counted everything, sorted everything, and stored it away until it's time to kit it all!
I love the round numbered Paper 8 from Sugarplum Wishes so much that I decided to make an entire mini album inspired by it! Find the class PDF in my shop HERE.
Once I finished up that sequin album I started on a second! I went back in time a decade and made my missing December Daily 2013.
And now I'm wrapping up my December Daily 2023! I've got all the photos inserted, now I'm working on journaling and embellishing.
Stay tuned for finished pics!
Lots of mini albums made my top 9 on instagram! Never layouts though which continues to make me giggle.
Sugarplum Wishes is getting harder and harder to find but the good news is I still have a few complete collections (minus the 12x12 paper pad) in my shop HERE.

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