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Thursday, February 1, 2024

I have loved collaborating with Gi DeMello all the way in Brazil making custom 4x4 sequin albums! Together we've created albums to match Blooming Wild, Sugarplum Wishes, a traditional Christmas mix, and Halloween!
Last year as I was gathering all the custom things to go into my Halloween kit, Gi reached out to me and asked if I'd like a sequin album to match. Is that even a question?! OF COURSE I WOULD! Anything Halloween is the cutest and I couldn't wait to make her album the base of my class. I do still have some albums available HERE and the virtual class to go along with it can be found HERE. As for page protectors to go inside all these 4x4 albums, they're sold separately and currently hard to find anywhere but the good news is with my Halloween collection releasing this summer with American Crafts there will be 4x4 page protectors, YAY!
Since the Halloween album was such a hit we quickly made another collaboration: a 4x4 sequin album to match my Blooming Wild collection. They quickly sold out so I didn't need to do any extra marketing lol. For this album I have only decorated the cover, added a charm by Emily Inspired Designs to the spine, and trimmed patterned papers to go inside. Finishing it up with photos and embellishments is on my scrappy to-do list!
For our 3rd and 4th collab we came up with two 4x4 Christmas sequin albums: first, a mix to match my Sugarplum Wishes collection. In addition to reds and greens there are also pink and blue and gold and purple sequins - give me all the colors! I took pictures of all the spreads, wrote instructions, filmed flip throughs, and turned it all into a PDF which you can purchase for $10 HERE. I was originally going to add a photo-a-day throughout December 2023 but ended up dedicating all my scrappy time to my full-size December Daily (kits & class available HERE). So I'm actually thinking about switching the numbers on the cover to 2024 and using it for my DD for this year! The sequin album itself is sold out but can be adapted to any 4x4 Mini Album or continue reading for fun news!
Our 4th custom 4x4 sequin album is a traditional Christmas mix of red, green, white, and gold sequins. For my album I went back in time and made my missing December Daily for 2013. I made a DD for 2012, skipped 2013, and then have made one every year since 2014 so I always felt like 2013 got gypped and it was an extra special year because it was our first Christmas living in Germany and goodness knows Christmas in Germany is the epitome of Christmas! Once again I took pictures of all the spreads, wrote instructions, filmed flip throughs, and turned it all into a PDF which you can purchase for $10 HERE and it includes all the cut files/templates I used throughout.
Four beautiful 4x4 sequin album collaborations and I love each one oh-so-much! And now, onto the fun scrappy news: our next collaboration will be 6x8 sequin albums which fit standard 2-ring 6x8 page protectors from Scrapbook.com and Simple Stories - hooray!! Bigger is always better right? ;) We have plans in the works for Valentines, Disney, and 4th of July sequin albums. I'm so so so very excited. As of right now we are waiting for Gi to receive her shipment of binding mechanisms and additional sequins to create the custom mixes, so it will be about another month or two before I have pre-orders open. You'll be able to order them individually or all 3 in a bundle and the price for each individual album will be around $57 plus shipping. These albums are handmade with love and there's nothing anything like them anywhere else in the world! They truly are the most beautiful albums to hold your precious memories!
Alrighty, that was a fun post to put together! Let me know if you have any questions!

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