January 2024 Highlights

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Here's what we were up to in January 2024!
Technically the next two pictures are from December 2023 because my blog post was all ready to go by the time we went to Jay & Haylie's house for a New Year's Eve party.
We had fondue with Evans families from near and far and it was fun and the best part is we were home and asleep in bed waaay before midnight ;)
We flew to Seattle to spend time with my parents. Bye bye Denver!
Hello Seattle!
It's been 5.5 years since we moved to Colorado and every time we've gone to visit my parents we've wanted to go to DuPont to see the house we lived in for that one year after we moved back to the states from Germany. Finally we did it! My parents picked us up from the airport and we drove straight to Joint Base Lewis McChord. Fox & Jane didn't remember it at all. We drove by their elementary school and they didn't recognize it either. Kinda sad!
It's soooo green. I'm convinced if the apocalypse happened there would be no signs that humans even existed here because nature would totally take over everything.
Pokemon vending machine at Fred Meyer is a must.
The sun did make a glorious appearance once or twice during our short visit lol. Gotta love the PNW!
When it wasn't raining we went on walks.
My brother and his family came to my parent's ward for church. It's crazy that I'm now almost 40 and some of the people there knew me when I was 10-18.
Homemade individual pizzas for dinner.
I love spending time with my family.
Flying back home over the Rockies.
I read a book! I'm still on my Nicholas Sparks streak. This is the last of his books with an accompanying movie. He has like 9 more books after this one, but none with movies. There was a time when every book had a movie! I hope he makes more movies, especially The Wish since that's my favorite book of all time.
I love this passage from The Longest Ride.
We went to an Avs vs Knights game and we won 3-0. Go Avs!
The next night we went to a Jim Gaffigan show at the Paramount.
We'd never been to this venue before and it was so classic!
Taking pics for a friend.
Fox & Jane had their first combined YM/YW activity which was a scavenger hunt at the mall. I had some shopping to do and it was funny how many times I ran into them throughout the hour.
I added some fake flowers and real plants around the house to add a touch of greenery.
It's been about 3 years we remodeled our kitchen and I still love it so much! Not that I know how to cook yet.......
Here's what it looked like when we first saw the house:
Our next project will be renovating our primary bath and closet. I'm excited!!
Jane had 6th grade graduation photos so we straightened her hair and in this light it looks red!
Me throughout the month, embracing the curls.
Chris made the YUMMIEST cinnamon rolls. 
The last weekend in January I drove up to Lyons near Estes Park to spend a night with some scrappy gal pals. I spy wild turkeys.
My mom follows me on Maps and sent me the most hilarious text:
I had to send a proof of life photo ;)
It was so fun and I got some projects for PaigePals6 done!
Danielle, Valorie, Me, & Rosie.
Onto the cats! The best part of every month :) Whenever they snuggle I just have to document it. I even caught Sandy mid-lick to Amy's face.
1) Sandy on my stool, she's ready to scrap. 2) Leaning on her cup with toys. 3) Paper makes a good nap spot. 4) Sandy in a bucket. 5) It makes me nervous when she hangs over the edge like this but looking up her face is soooo cute! 6) Same as 5. 7) Floofy. 8) Sticking out from under my side of the bed. 9) Floofy paperweight.
1) Amy is always extra snuggly when I get back from being gone. 2) Purrrrty! 3) Nap time. 4) She needs lots of loves throughout the day and seeks me out. 5) I spy Amy on the kitty cam. 6) Can't be bothered. 7) Shrimp pose. 8) Lol Amy peeking out from under my side of the bed. 9) Snuggles while watching a Chiefs game.
When we were in Seattle I checked the kitty cam no less than 20 times an hour and was so happy to finally see both at the same time
Onto the scrappy recap for January!
I shared 8 projects in January - click the links to see them in-depth:
I spent every second of scrappy time I had creating the projects for PaigePals6. I'm hoping to release to alumni on February 20th.
I love border punches! I had a meeting with AC to try to convince them to make more, stay tuned.
I watch football now.
It doesn't seem like much scrappiness happened in January, but a LOT was going on behind the scenes and I can't wait to reveal it all in good time :) Here's to a lovely February!

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  1. Having a lovely visit here this morning. Isn't the PNW so pretty? Nadine moved to Langley, just 20 minutes from the ocean. I think she tires of the rain but loves all the outdoor opportunities we don't get in Alberta for half the year. I just adored all those kitty photos :D I will always have a kitty to love. Even if it means everything I've ever scrapped includes cat hair on it, ha! Hockey news in our family too. My brothers girlfriends, son, Saige Weinstein was drafted by the Avalanche! So now I have to cheer for your team too, ha! Looking forward to PaigePals6 (ooops, I thought it was 5), it all looks amazing! 💗


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