The One with R.A.K.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yesterday when the sun was shining and I was hosing off my bike, lawn chairs and table, I suddenly felt compelled to clean up all of the garbage that our neighbors have littered around the yard. Chris, being the wise man that he is, suggested we wait until today when he could get some cleaning gloves from work. After I got home from work we changed into some grubs and got to pickin' up the trash. A million cigarette butts, a broken screen window, and two buckets of old car oil later, I no longer feel like we live in a garbage dump.

Now that I'm on the natural high that comes with doing good works, I'm feeling in the giving mood. I have a whole shelf of books that I've made with no intentions to do anything with them. Therefore, I would like to give one away. Leave a comment about what you would do with an empty book (or whatever you want to say, I'm flexible) and I will randomly pick one person on Friday afternoon to receive this book. I made it in my bookbinding class a few years ago. It's got clear plexi-glass covers and an assortment of blue and green pages. I used the coptic binding to make it, which allows it to lay flat. And, just for scrappers, I used eyelets in the holes!
And yes, this is my silly attempt to see who reads this silly blog.
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