The One with the iMac

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the words of Julia Stiles on 10 Things I Hate About You:

An iMac that is.My trustee MacBook is outgrowing itself quickly. I bought it for myself on my birthday three years ago and it has served its intended purpose well.


The "l" key has been broken for about 6 months. I spilled something on it and it never recovered. I've resorted to copying an "l" from the url (usually I use the "l" in "gmail") and then I have to press "apple v" every time I want to use an "l". It's really confusing switching between my personal computer and my work computer... And then, when I want a capital "l", I type "linkin park" in the search bar and usually I find something that says "LA" or "Lyrics" where I can copy one.


In addition to the broken "l" key, I am quickly running out of space. I've been on the verge of 2GB for the last few weeks. Occasionally I'll clear off some music, but that's only a temporary solution. I just fill the space back up with pictures!


I want a new computer. It's to the point where I can actually say I NEED a new computer. I don't trust external hard drives. They crash. My co-worker Lindsey just got a new iMac because the prices went down. It's beautiful. Everything you could want in a computer and more. I was looking around and saw that you could apply for a Juniper Visa and pay no interest for 12 months upon approval. Sign me up baby!

I got approved for the Visa, only to find out my credit limit was $500. I could hardly buy an iPod for $500. What a SCAM. I called Juniper Visa and asked them to raise my credit limit. They were less than helpful. So I cut up the card and now I actually have to save for it like a responsible human being. Lesson learned: Thou shalt not covet.


  1. I didn't know about the whole "i" issue. After hearing that, I feel really bad for you! I hope you can get one soon!

  2. What's the cost of a new keyboard? No use buying a new car when all you've got is a flat tire.

  3. About $150. I took it to a Mac specia1st when it first broke. I can pro11y find one cheaper on ebay or on1ine, but then you'd have to insta11 it for me....hey, my birthday is comin' up next month!! (notice I'm using a "1" instead of an "1" (I'm not even gonna copy one) cuz I have something e1se I need to paste in a different doc right now...

  4. Ok, I'd be happy to get you a new keyboard for your birthday!

  5. Hey Paige.
    I got myself a copy of this months Scrapbooking Memories yesterday. It was great to flick through it and see you in there. Yay for you!!


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