The One with the Maple Coffin

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So my brother is in Oaxaca, Mexico serving a two year mission for the church. He gets back on July 27th and we're all so excited to see him again and be in his hilarious presence. I mean, if this video doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. Gets me every time.


When I started searching through the pictures he's emailed us to go with this post, I noticed right off the bat how colorful Mexico is!
Eric gets to email us once a week on Monday. He ended his letter yesterday with:

"Well that’s about all I got!!!! Be good. Peace in the middle east. If I die this week of the flu then….. I want a maple coffin.

E taylor"

I guess it's next on my dad's list of things to build...


  1. That video cracks me up! Allison has grown about a foot since then. I sure hope dald's next project is something better than a coffin!!!! How morbid!

  2. I hope your dad doesn't build a coffin...that would be so weird! hahaha.


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