The One with the Sunday Afternoon Stroll

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a beautiful spring day! I couldn't have asked for better weather for Easter. Not a cloud in the sky.
Before church I dragged my hot-orange bike down three flights of stairs and hosed it off. After church we went for a ride around the block to take in the sunshine.
Chris' bike is currently broken so he was rockin' the roller blades. He does many things on roller blades that I wouldn't even dare try barefoot. Like this. It's all those years of ice hockey.
Note: it's hard to take a self-portrait whilst riding a bike...
Riding through the muddy wasteland that is our neighborhood...For the past five years I've lived in Utah, it has snowed during finals week. Next week are finals so I wish the trees wouldn't start blooming yet, they're just going to freeze and die when the snow comes, as trends show it will. But nevertheless, they sure are eye candy!Happy Easter!


  1. In the second picture, the tree behind your head makes it look like you've got a freaky hair thing going on! I wish the weather was that nice here.

  2. But things in your hair are so trendy right now! Maybe Chris set the picture up like that on purpose...who knows?

  3. Love your bike and those photos, too! That sky is beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! :)

  4. I did! I did set up the picture on purpose!


  5. cute sweater!! (Do you remember stealing it from me??)


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