The One with Computer Guts

Friday, April 3, 2009

A few months ago we had to break open Alisha's computer to add more RAM. And when I say "break open" I mean "carefully disassemble." And when I say "I", I mean "Ben." I have never seen the inside of a computer. Which reminds me of a scene in Zoolander: "It's IN the computer!"
I'm absolutely amazed at how all of THIS makes a computer function.
It's a bunch of gibberish and funky looking things to me.
What is all of that STUFF??
Some people are just too smart.
But I'm glad for computer geniuses or else I wouldn't have a life. Or a job.
Because I spend about 12 hours of every weekday at a computer.


  1. Hey, Paige! Good to hear from you. Thanks for leaving a comment :) I hope all is well. Looks like you are living in Provo? I hope the weather there is better than it is in Rexburg right now. It snowed this morning, gross!

  2. love zoolander! oh, and I love the new banner too!

  3. "What is all of that STUFF??" Well, those green rings wrapped with copper wire are inductors (toroids). The black cylinders are capacitors. Blah..blah...blah... Hey, you asked.


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