The One with the Table and the Pointilism

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I always knew my mom was an artist, but she really blew me away with this!While clearing the cabin during the original purge six years ago, my mom saved an old flimsy table. A couple of years ago she brought the table home and sanded off all the remaining old paint. Since then she drew a design, burned the lines with a tool, and then painted the table. There are many scenes on the table, most having to do with something my family has done up at the cabin. The words around the edge are the text to the hymn, "Our Mountain Home So Dear". This past week she (finally :) finished the table and it was brought back up to the cabin.

And my sister is just beginning to discover her hidden artistic talent. She emailed me a picture of her latest piece today - a pointillism of Tim Buckley (Jeff Buckley's dad) because "Tim Buckley was famous too and he's cuter." (Her words, not mine.)All of those dots must have taken forever! Keep up the good work Malm and Allie!


  1. Shweet my picture was posted! But it's not done yet!

    Aaaand I said that Tim Buckley was cuter but Jeff Buckley is still cute too!


  2. hi paige, your blog is so fun! i love your header. thanks for your nice comment- and i totally remember you. i think i was actually your ycl back in the day! haha!


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