The One with the Hambly Studios Guest Designer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Guest Designer for April for one of my favorite scrappy companies: Hambly Studios. It was oh so much fun to get my hands on a bunch on their amazing products. I love Hambly like a Bella loves Edward. Such bright and fun colors, just my style, and they're always on top of the latest trends. Swoon.

Journaling says: One fine Saturday in March, we took our dog Joey on a field trip to the Huntington Beach dog park. He loved seeing dozens of other dogs, but one thing is for sure: he hates water. We still had a great time strolling along the beach and taking a few minutes to snap some photos at this cool lifeguard tower.

Tips: I watched Sherlock Holmes literally seven times while making all of these projects - I was just too lazy to switch out the DVD :) Plus I really like the movie and the music so I wasn't even sick of it. Now about the layout - I cut strips of slightly varying widths from all my favorite patterned papers and transparencies and framed them around a central photo. I added a few blank strips of kraft cardstock on which to journal. I finished with a smattering of buttons and rather than sewing them in place I connected the holes with a white pen - faux stitching - tricky tricky!

Supplies: Patterned paper, patterned transparencies: Hambly Screen Prints; Buttons, black pen: American Crafts; Letter stickers: Making Memories; White pen: Sharpie

AM A...

Journaling says: It's amazing everything one person can be. The influence that you can have on people's lives. I am a wife to Chris. I am a sister Eric and Allison. I am a daughter to Tom and Carolyn. I am a daughter-in-law to Tom & Margi. I am a soon-t0-be mother, though I consider myself a mother to our pets. I am a niece to Steve & Katy, Dave & Cissy, John & Natalie, and David & Anissa. I am a friend to many and hope to continue to make and keep many friends. I am an aunt to Drew, Avery, and Luke. Not included in the title, I am a cousin to John, Maren, Sara Jayne, James, Elizabeth, Cat, Daniel, Benji, and Leah. Hopefully more to come! I am an in-law to Bethany & Peter, Jay, Andy & Cami, and Nick. These are just a few of my connections to people in this world. Oh, I'm also a granddaughter to Ted & Doris and John & Cathie. I hope that I can become the best version of me possible so that I can be the person all of these individuals need me to be. Some day in the future, like waaay in the future, I want to add the title of grandma and even great-grandma. But, let's not even start thinking about that yet :) Every day I will do all that I can to build these eternal relationships and make them stronger.

Tips: I started by punching 1.25" circles from my favorite patterned papers and transparencies then I adhered them around a circle of white cardstock. I stitched around and around and around the layout giving it a fun texture. Funny thing, I was originally going to scrapbook on the other side of the layout (hence the solid colored circles - they're patterned on the other side), but when I flipped it over I liked the texture of the sewing better, I loved the brightness of the solid circles, and I liked being able to see the circles in their entirety. So I scrapped on this side of the page instead! I put a picture in the middle, added words that describe who/what I am around the edge, and journaled between the stitched lines. I finished by applying a rub on wing.

Supplies: Patterned paper, patterned transparencies, wing rub on: Hambly Screen Prints; Cardstock, buttons, pen: American Crafts; Letter stickers: American Crafts (Thickers), Making Memories (mini paper)


Journaling says: One of the things I knew I was going to miss about Utah was Cafe Rio. But thankfully they built one a half hour away. So worth the drive.

Tips: I applied an entire sheet of white doilies across the top of an aqua cardstock background as clouds. Then I hand cut branches from kraft paper (I drew them with a pencil first then cut them out with an exacto knife), and added "bark" detailing with a brown pen. Then I cut out lots of leaves from patterned papers and transparencies, folded them in half, and glued them in place. I know that trees don't really have much to do with Mexican food, but it's just what came to mind when I planned this layout!

Supplies: Patterned paper, patterned transparencies, rub on doilies: Hambly Screen Prints; Cardstock, letter stickers, pens: American Crafts


Journaling says: Besides the different outfits and slight lengthening of my hair, I don't see much of a difference between these photos. But no matter. I know what's going on inside. Every week, little by little, you're growing and getting bigger. It's only a matter of time before I won't be able to conceal my growing bump. Of course I'm still worried about losing you, but my family is great at calming me down. So for now, every Sunday after church we'll document your growth.

Tips: I wanted to create a collage of my favorite stickers and rub ons and thought these pictures of my growing (or seemingly not...) belly would be fun to scrap. It's just a hodge podge of a sticker here, a rub on there, and some journaling in-between!

Supplies: Rub ons, stickers: Hambly Screen Prints; Letter stickers: American Crafts, Hambly Screen Prints, Making Memories; Pen, buttons: American Crafts

Supplies: Patterned paper, patterned transparencies: Hambly Screen Prints; Ric rac, buttons: American Crafts; Floss: DMC; Felt: Craft supply; Other: Hot glue gun, needle

Instructions for necklace:
1. Hand cut circles from your favorite patterned papers and patterned transparencies. Vary the sizes of the circles.
2. Layer concentric circles together, then crumple and distress each circle for texture and dimension.
3. Sew a button to the middle of each stack of circles.
4. Arrange the layered circles how you want them, then hot glue them to a scrap of felt.
5. Hot glue a piece of ric rac to the top of each corner to create a way to tie the necklace around your neck.
6. Wear and enjoy!

So there you have it! Check out the Hambly blog to see tons of other fun and inspiring projects and products!
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN