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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I thought I had mentioned something about the Army once upon a time, but maybe not. Back in February of last year when Chris found out he was accepted to USC he joined the Army. "Hooah!"
In return for the Army paying for tuition, books and any school expenses, plus a monthly stipend, after Chris graduates in 2013 we will go wherever they want us to go for four years. Too good of a deal to pass up. Chris gets to request 3 places abroad and 3 places stateside that he'd prefer to go, though we might not get sent any of those places and that's A-okay. Home is where the heart is. Our first choice would be Germany. Second choice Hawaii, naturally. After that I don't really care where we go, it's only for four years and it'll be a fun adventure wherever we end up.
People always ask if he'll get sent to war and the answer is no. Only 20% of dentists get deployed and even then it's not to front-line combat zones. A dentist has never been killed in the army. Or so they say... I've been watching too many X-Files :) Chris says they wouldn't waste all that money on a single individual just to send them into war. But then again, who knows what the future holds. Rules may change. But I'm crossing my fingers what they say is true. So, yeah, Chris is a Lieutenant in the Army Reserves. Hooah!


  1. Our best friends did this army thing. They did it for all of medical school and his residency and stuff, I will say it seems like it's been forever, but he has been totally safe and they are finishing dental school debt free.

    Our friends are in Agusta, Ga. Pretty boring, but not bad at all. :)

    Best of luck to you guys.

  2. Gaurunteed excitement lies ahead of you two. That seems like fun, and a little stressful. Clearly you've accepted this as a good challenge!

  3. Really that is so cool! Can't wait to see where you all go one day!

  4. How cool! My husband and I just visited my friend who is teaching on a military base in Germany. It's basically in the cutest town I've ever seen in my life. I hope you get a chance to live there.

    my blog post about the city:

    and my flickr pictures:

  5. Very cool, girlie! My Dad was in the Army for 30 years and my hubby was in the Army, too! Go Army! ;) Hope you are feeling well! I'm right there with ya, girlie! Hugs!

  6. wow congrats to chris!! it sounds like you guys are going to have a fun adventure where ever you end up, living in germany or hawaii would be amazing! im so glad that chris wont get sent to war. :)

  7. Wow! I had no idea. How very awesome is that?! Good job and good luck!


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