The One with Pre-Natal Vitamins

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is that dry old blood on our kitchen ceiling?
Nope. That would be pre-natal vitamin juice... Of all things.

It's a funny story: The day I found out I was pregnant I asked Chris to run to the store to get me some pre-natal vitamins. But I forgot to tell him that I can't swallow pills that are bigger than a quarter inch or so. Chris came home with these giant liquid horse pills and I took one look at them and said, uh uh, no way, ain't gonna happen in a million years. So we tried to get creative. I thought maybe we could cut them in half and I'd swallow the halves one at a time. We went into the kitchen, laid down a paper towel, put the pill on top, and grabbed a knife. As soon as Chris cut into the pill the dark red juice inside squirted all the way up onto the ceiling. And we have pretty high ceilings! It was very dark red and looked like blood and completely stained wherever it touched. No one has noticed so far...but I'm sure the next tenants will wonder what happened...
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