The One with the Diet Change

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a fair warning, this will be a venting post. Maybe venting isn't the right word. How about "my worries out in open" post.
Today's Dr. appointment didn't go exactly how I wanted it to.
Some great things happened, but then some not so great things happened.
Great thing #1 - I was admitted to see the nurse before I even had a chance to pee in a cup! Last time we sat in the lobby for almost an hour.
Great thing #2 - my OB was more than happy to answer my list of questions, which I had sitting on my lap. Here is what my list said: Braxton Hicks - pretty frequent/not at night; Are you gonna deliver my baby?; Can we travel to Utah, what are the precautions we should take?; Some days I feel a lot of movement, and other days I feel nothing, is this okay?; How's my weight gain?; How's my swelling?
Here's where the not so great things started happening.
Bad thing #1 - My OB was pretty concerned about my frequent Braxton Hicks, though she referred to them as actual contractions. Not good. She checked my lady parts and the number concerned her. She said if my contractions start coming more frequently, even if they're not painful, which they never are (at least, not yet...) I need to go to the hospital. So of course I've been worried and stressed which I feel makes them happen more often than usual. I just need to leave work, go home, watch a movie or two, and chillax. Fox has gotta cook for a little bit longer!
Bad thing #2 - As we were leaving the OB stopped me and told me that I have indeed gained more weight than she recommends. I've gained 35 pounds and I guess I'll be gaining at least a pound a week from here on out. That's another 10 pounds. The doctor said no more carbohydrates, no salty foods, stick to meat and vegetables.
This is really hard for me. On so many levels.
I have never had to watch what I eat. I've always been happy with my weight and never really thought about eating healthy, I just eat what I want, when I want, and my body has taken care of me nicely. And exercise? What's that? I've taken it all for granted and now it's come to bite me in the butt. My baby is okay, my weight gain doesn't effect him, so really I could continue to eat whatever I want, it's just gonna be that much harder to lose the weight afterwards. I hate exercising enough as it is, so I guess I'm going to start watching what I eat. But the other thing is, I'm a horribly picky eater! I only like a handful of vegetables. My diet for the past 25 years of life has consisted of cereal, pasta, and pizza. None of which I should eat now.
So I had a salad for lunch today. Me. Paige. I had a salad. For lunch. OMG that is so not me. It was actually pretty good, which means there's hope I won't starve to death :) Also, I took my gestational diabetes test today, so who knows, maybe I will HAVE to change my diet. I don't know when I'm supposed to hear back from the lab. I think I remember my doctor say she or the lab will call if the results are bad. Otherwise, everything is okay. So I'm hoping for no news. No news is good news.
All-in-all I can handle the change of diet. That's fine. Or at least, I will be fine. I'm just really concerned about these contractions and baby Fox coming way too early.
Trying to stay happy, positive, relaxed, calm, and chill.

Updated to add: I passed my glucose screening test! Can I get an amen?!
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