The One with Ginger Ale

Friday, March 4, 2011

It took a lot of my brain cells to grow Fox. At least that's my excuse for when I make a mistake or forget something that I should be able to recall right off the bat. For instance, it's not a rare happenstance if I come home from the grocery store and as I'm putting everything away I notice I bought fat free Wheat Thins instead of regular, or Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds instead of plain, or Tomato Basil Triscuts instead of regular. I swear I look at the packaging first, but I guess in my haste to grab-and-go I overlook the important details. So, that being said, when I got home from the grocery store a minute ago cuz I had to get Chris some Sprite (poor guy is still Sicky McSickson :( I wasn't totally shocked when I opened what I thought was the Sprite box and saw this:
Shoot I did it again! Canada Dry and Sprite have similar colors, I must have mixed things up again!

But wait...

This IS a Sprite box is it not?

Upon further investigation, I noticed that this box had been opened and taped back shut...
Sketchy sketchy! I am SOOO returning these right now. Who would do such a thing? Take one Sprite, replace it with a Canada Dry, and tape it shut? So random.

Anyways, that's my funny story of the day.

PS - I'm not the only one who does giveaways on major posting milestones! It's my friend Nancy's 1000th post today so she's giving away two awesome prizes.
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