The One with Fox Rhymes With...

Monday, March 7, 2011

I have a project brewing in my mind...
Chris and I like to make up songs to sing to Fox and naturally they gravitate to words rhyming with Fox. LOTS of words rhyme with Fox. Methinks I'd like to make a visual book or story or something with Fox in/around/doing all the things that rhyme with Fox.

Such as:
Fox in a box.
Fox chalks.
Fox at the docks.
Fox is a fox.
Fox gawks.
Fox sees hawks.
Fox and jocks.
Fox knocks.
Fox's locks.
Fox mocks.
Fox and Nox.
Fox and an ox.
Fox has pox (Hopefully not anytime soon though...)
Fox rocks.
Fox holding rocks.
Fox in socks.
Fox talks.
Fox's 'tocks.
Fox walks.

Am I missing any?

Posts are boring without pictures :) so here's one from a couple weeks ago:
Thanks to my sister-in-law, Fox has a new nickname: Benjamin Button.
My little old man.
But that's another story for another day.


  1. Fox with clocks. I could go on and on. :)

    But, one thing is for certain, Fox Rocks!

  2. I can't speak for Fox, of course, but rocks my socks off when I'm sans rhythmic verse! Sounds Fun!

  3. Fox with crocks? I think I'm rhyme challenged!

  4. Thats cute!
    Hey I commented a few posts ago the one about "Be Happy". I was just waiting on your reply. I asked how your workouts and weight loss was coming? And what you are doing. Are you doing an exercise video early in the morn everyday? I am working on loosing weight too. How much have you lost now?

  5. Nice very pretty photo..I love when you are sharing such wonderful experiences with us.

  6. Absolutely precious photos. How about some more name game rhymes, I am the queen of these as my boys names are Jack & can only imagine all the crazy names/rhymes we come up with!

    Fox dances to the jukebox.
    Fox loves mohawks. (hopefully not!)
    Fox picks the shamrocks.
    Fox sleeps to tick tocks.
    Fox likes to play with wood blocks!


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