The One with 10 on Tuesday

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1) I'm only 20 posts away from my 1000th post! I've been working on the 10 handmade books I'm going to give away on that special day like a madwoman any spare second I have. Which, let's be honest, my spare seconds are few and far between! I might have to blog only every other day to give myself more time lol!

2) 10 pregnancy pounds to lose became 15 in a few short weeks. What happened to being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want? Dangit. I'm off sweets. I'm off treats. I'm off snacks.
I'm going to try and exercise every night as soon as Fox goes to sleep. I'm going to eat more fruits and vegies and cut back on the ginormous portions I've been eating and assuming breast feeding would take care of. Now that Fox is eating a lot more solids, I guess my excuse for eating for 2 is definitely out the window!

3) I have a recurring dream that I'm at the top of a really high building, usually the Empire State Building in New York or the Sears Tower in Chicago, and I freak out and hyperventilate because it's so high. But the thing is, I'm not really afraid of heights - I love going to the tops of skyscrapers! Flying in airplanes is a different story. I didn't used to be scared of flying. But like Claire on Modern Family says who is also petrified of flying, "I have so much more to lose now!" We've got 8 airplane trips planned between now and August though so I'll just have to muster up some courage. But back to the recurring dream - what does it even mean?

4) I went to the Paper Source in Pasadena the other day. I could spend hours at that store.
I asked a lady who worked there if she even makes any money. She laughed and said nope, though I'm sure she was half joking. I hope. Though I know I'd spend every cent of my paycheck buying paper and glue and random kick knacks. Oh wait, I already do do that.

5) I have a huge black and blue bruise on the back of my leg and I have no idea how it got there.
Why don't I remember getting this ouchie? Blocking out painful memories?

6) The weather in southern California is perpetually wonderful. (I took this pic just now looking through our wide open screened window.)
If you're looking for relief from snow this close to summer or crazy destructive tornadoes or incessant rain, I've got a couch calling your name!

7) Sometimes I wish computers weren't invented. What did people do before the internet? Now there's Facebook and Twitter and blogs and Ebay and Etsy and Pinterest and YouTube and Hulu and Netflix and on and on and on (and on and on and on). You could literally live your life at the computer. I need to go on a computer fast. Get me away from this thang!

8) My newest obsession: BAKER'S TWINE!
Isn't it yummy! Oh the things you could do with baker's twine!

9) Do you ever get hairs down your shirt? I just had one. I quickly pulled it out and now I feel sweet relief. How's that for random? It's hard to think of ten things man!

10) We had big plans to go to Madame Tussauds in Hollywood this morning. We have a Groupon that's burning a hole in our pockets. But alas, my bum is strapped to this chair at the computer getting work done. Work work work! Speaking of which, I need to get back to :)
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