The One with Failing as a Mom

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I went to Fox's 9 month appointment and left feeling like a total and complete failure. Some people are naturally great mothers. Me? I have no idea what I'm doing. My list of talents do not include mothering. Artsty fartsy stuff, sure, I can do that, but is that really what matters most? I doubt it. I'm trying the best that I can, but I must be doing something wrong when nearly half of the checkmarks on the list of "things your baby should be doing at 9 months" aren't crossed off.
"Do you feed your baby iron-rich foods such as meat, iron-fortified cereals, or beans?" No. I didn't know I was supposed to.
"Have you placed safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs?" No. My baby isn't mobile.
"Does your baby crawl?" Nope. See my response to the previous question. My baby isn't mobile.
"Does your baby army crawl?" No, for the love, he doesn't move! He can spin in circles and once in awhile he props up on all fours and rocks but forward motion is non-existent!
"Does your baby sleep through the night?" He used to. Then we went to Hawaii and his routine got all messed up.
"Does your baby show some fear of strangers?" No. I mean, I guess he's acting a little shy right now staring at you Doctor, but I wouldn't say he's afraid. Why is this an important milestone?
"Does your baby pull himself up to standing?" Not without my help. He really wants to stand, so hopefully he'll be able to on his own soon.
"Does your baby say 'Dadada' and 'Mamama'?" He only says 'Mamamama' - what does it mean that he doesn't say 'Dadada'?
"Does your baby clap his hands?" Nope. Were we supposed to be teaching him how to do this? And why is this a milestone? Why oh why?
"Does your baby wave hello or goodbye?" No, for Pete's sakes. Chris has actually been trying to teach him this the last few weeks but it hasn't caught on yet.
"Oh, and it looks like his frenulum under his tongue may need to be clipped to prevent speech impediments." Wonderful news. The cherry on top. Poor little Fox.

Fox is like our guinea pig child. Hopefully we'll know better for the next one. Or maybe we should quit while we're ahead...

At least, above all else, he's such a cute little guy!
Gimme the camera!
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