The One with How's This for Random

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We've been busy over here! Working, scrapping, mommying, cleaning, visiting, running errands, the usual. Between this and that I've been playing around with my new camera and I must say, I'm in love. Here is a picture, unedited just cropped to size, with my old camera:
And here's the same shot with my new camera, unedited just cropped to size:
Drastic difference for the better! Yippee!

Here are some other pics of this and that from the past few days:

He and Fox get along so great. Joey is so patient with Fox and lets the little booger grab him, pull him, and climb all over him.

Turns out Chris can easily make those finger invitations for me, so here they are in the beginning stages!
Chris likes to hand me one and say, "I just gave you the finger." Ha ha ha... I can't wait to put them all together and give them out!


Playing on the swing at the park.

My little sister left for college at BYU Idaho this week. I'm so proud of her!
My parents are now empty-nesters. I bet that's a majorly hard adjustment.

Whelp. That's all I've got for now!
Happy 09-10-11!
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