The One with Fox at 15 Months

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another month has come and gone - making Fox 15 months old! These stats were taken last Saturday when we went to the doc to find out what was wrong with him (result: a pesky virus. He's all better now):

 Length: 32" (50-75%) 
 Weight: 23.2 pounds (25-50%) 
 Head circumference: 19.25" (75-90%)

How has Fox grown and developed in the last thirty-some-odd days?
(This is the best "15 month" shot we got... keep reading...)

He said his first word (besides "uh oh"): "Shoes!" I'm a proud momma :) Except it sounds more like "eeesh!"

Sometimes I'll find him sitting in his room "reading" a book. It's pretty much the cutest thing in the world to see him turn the pages, point at things, and "talk." He really thinks he's reading!

Fox is still a picky eater. Finding things for him to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a challenge every day. He'll like something for 2-3 days then never eat it again. So we're trying and experimenting with lots of new foods.

A pacifier might as well be permanently glued in his mouth. This could be a problem.

He does this new corny laugh/smile where he throws his head back and opens his mouth real wide and laughs. Gotta get this one on video.

We went on the "big kid" swing for the first time the other day! He loves it.

He understands some things that we say to him. For example, I'll say, "Fox, go get your shoes!" then he'll go into his room and bring me a pair of shoes. Or I point at a toy and say, "Go get your toy!" and he'll get the one I'm pointing to. I'll say, "Go get a book and we'll turn the page!" and he'll bring me a book. I'll say, "It's bath time!" and he'll walk to the tub. Next step: Harvard. 

We've watched Toy Story 13985719865 times. He loves it. It's the only thing that calmes him down during a meltdown. 

He's in a bit of a rotten streak right now and screams and whines and bangs his head all the live long day. It's been a rough couple weeks, but hopefully he'll outgrow it soon.

Fox loves to be outside and exploring and prefers that to any of his toys.
We love you baby Fox!
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